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Re: [opensuse-factory] Firefox won't start
  • From: Richard Creighton <ricreig@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 13:08:17 -0400
  • Message-id: <201005071308.17880.ricreig@xxxxxxxxx>
On Friday 07 May 2010 10:45:40 you wrote:
On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 17:42, Richard Creighton <ricreig@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Thursday 06 May 2010 18:15:28 you wrote:
On 05/06/2010 04:34 PM, Richard Creighton wrote:
Ever since updating to >= 3.0 Firefox, I get some variation of the

rcc@Athelon:~> firefox
returned PAC proxy string: direct
*** nss-shared-helper: Shared database disabled (set NSS_USE_SHARED_DB
to enable).

** (firefox:10537): WARNING **: AT-SPI: Accessibility bus not found -
Using session bus.

/usr/bin/firefox: line 128: 10537 Segmentation fault $MOZ_PROGRAM
"$@" rcc@Athelon:~>

Do you have accessibility turned on? Or maybe the at-spi packages
installed? If you can in control center under 'Assistive
Technologies' make sure its off and if it was on turn it off and log
out so that the setting change could take affect and try firefox
again. If that doesn't work, try removing, if they are installed,
at-spi at-spi2-core at-spi2-atk python-atspi. There might be a bunch
of packages that complain.

Also, was this an upgrade or a fresh install?


Thank you Setphen,

This was an upgrade from the M6 ISO which I have done in the same way since
v9.6 and on and for each beta cycle since early 10.x and 11.x and now 11.x Mn
skipping only 11M5 which failed to install as an upgrade leaving a blank
screen unfinished reboot requiring me to restore the image/backup and wait for
M6 iso to be able to do the iso update. Prior to that, I did a zypper dup
update from factory of M5 for my testing of M5 but Firefox had already failed
by then when 3.6.x came out and I went back to 3.5.9 to get it to work.

No, no accessitility features of any kind, no at-spi packages of any kind that
I am aware of. The only package is the one for ABP (ad-block), but that is
functional on every machine I own including the failed machine (when running
3.5.9) so I don't feel that is part of the problem. While I will consider a
fresh install on this machine, This machine is a very complicated machine (as
is the one that does work in the other room) because it has many drives, uses
a 'Rocket-raid' disk controller to provide additional sata drives used in a
raid 5 array (in this case, I use the software raid 5) using the extra drives
as 4x 1TB drives in the array. The other internal sata drives using the mbd
controller (3 drives) are used as / and /home and /srv and /boot with all but
/boot being in a LVM not part of the raid 5 array which is used as /local and
stores data (/multimedia) as a subfolder of /home.

This machine is NOT a production machine and it is intentionally complicated
because I want to test openSuSE's ability to handle complicated setups for my
businesses which DO have even more complicated storeage requirements including
distributed raid arrays which will take advantage of ext4's ability to handle
that. So, I'm not anxious to do a cold install just to fix a browser when
3.5.9 WORKSs perfectly and the upgrade version fails muster.

I hope you understand. I do feel that all the changes in the infrastructure
of openSuSE, Xorg, PackageKit, Ext4, rsyslog, and a host of others eg, Gnome,
KDE and lord knows what else makes this 11.3 MUCH MORE than a POINT
incremental upgrade of SuSE/openSuSE, it is a MAJOR UPGRADE making this a
preALPHA 12.0 version release upgrade IMO and not just a Firefox issue. I see
openSuSE making the same mistake with this VERSION change as KDE made with
it's VERSION change from KDE3 to KDE4, eg, releasing KDE4.0 as a replacement
for KDE3 before it was, KDE 4.4.2 was the first really "ready"
replacement for KDE3, but that is another issue. While it may be a simple
Firefox failure, or one of its' subpackages, it is also possible the upgrade
earthquake of the infrastructrure has kicked the chair out from underneath the
browser and this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, so to speak.

I suffered a stroke a while back, have residual Parkinsons which interfers
with my ability to act and react effectively now so I no longer contribute
actively as I used to in the 10.x period, but I do still "try" to be useful
even though I am at the end of my "life-cycle" for all intents and purposes.

In any event, Thanks for your response in private but I'm :CCing my reply
because your suggestions were valid even though they turned out not to be the
solution, others may have success with that route as this problem may have
multiple causes.

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