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Re: [opensuse-factory] RFC: Announcing important changes in the distribution
  • From: Lubos Lunak <l.lunak@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 17:54:09 +0100
  • Message-id: <200912111754.09251.l.lunak@xxxxxxx>
On Thursday 10 of December 2009, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
On Wednesday 02 December 2009 18:57:45 Lubos Lunak wrote:
The place for such announcements would be this list, with some specific
subject to make it easier to spot them (and perhaps some more firm
pointing to the right list would be needed for those who create noise,
or something from would
be needed).

I see some consensus for this, so what tag should be used in the subject to
mark it?

There seems to be some consensus, but watching the discussion I'm rather
unsure what the consensus is about. I did not use 'development changes' in
the description, since important changes affecting other components of the
distribution may be also related to e.g. packaging, but, well, it's changes
important for the *development* of the distribution, yet a big portion of the
discussion seems to be about *user* changes.

Even if you look at your ,
there is one item which clearly does not belong there (who with their
developer hat on cares about some BitTorrent client?) and one which is unsure
(for the KMS entry I did not get how it affects other parts of the distro
besides X and kernel except for the few specifically listed fixes).

Mind you, I have nothing against informing the users too, but I'd prefer not
to wade in user discussions about how to configure something or how things
used to be much better in the old days when I need to get work done. I'd
almost prefer a opensuse-devel list or getting the purpose of this list
better specified and followed.

Let's reword the proposal to work with missing details...

I would suggest:

Announcing important changes affecting development of next versions of

Every important change in any component of the openSUSE distribution that may
affect other components of the distribution should be announced on the
opensuse-factory mailing list in the format given below. The purpose of the
mail is to inform developers and packagers of the components about the change
and give them information about adjustments they might need to do as a
result. It is up to the developer to use common sense to judge if a change is
worth announcing or not. Each change should be also added to the list at , containing links to all
announcements for the upcoming openSUSE release.

Format of the mail:
The subject should be in the format '[DEVELOPMENT ANNOUNCE]: <name>'. The mail
should describe:
- What changes and how it may possibly affect others. (Example: Library libFOO
is removed from distribution and replaced by library libFOOSUPER. Any
component using FOO is probably affected. Also each package providing
function BAR may be affected even if it doesn't use libFOO.)
- How to adjust affected components. (Example: Porting to a different API and
file renaming is required. Porting guide is at URL.)
- Where to ask for more information if necessary. (Example: All questions and
followup discussion should take place on opensuse-networking mailing list).

Examples of changes that should be announced:
- A library or other component of the distribution that is used by other
components is removed or changes in backwards incompatible way. (Example:
PolKit-1 is introduced in place of PolicyKit and desktops may need to adjust
their PolicyKit support.)
- A component of the distribution is removed and some of component may be
required to replace its functionality. (Example: SaX2 is deprecated and
modules for configuring X.Org are removed from YaST, where autoconfiguration
does not work desktops are expected to provide their own tools for

Examples of changes that are NOT important enough to be announced:
- A library changes in a backwards compatible way. As the change does not
require any changes in other components, there is no need to do anything.
- A change that affects only users but does not require changes in the
distribution. For example, dropping a BitTorrent client from the distribution
does not affect the development of the distribution in any way.


Does that look ok?

For it to work it clearly also requires that developers/packagers send
announcements to the list and watch for announcements from others. That in
practice probably means either opensuse-devel list, being more strict about
what is on-top in opensuse-factory, or adding to the HOWTO above that one
should at least subscribe to the mailing list and set up filters to throw
away everything that is not an announcement.

I also suggest to have a factory development page that links to all these
announcements, so that we reference them from one place. What do you think?

A good idea.

Lubos Lunak
KDE developer
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