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[opensuse-factory] Re: [opensuse-edu] Re: NFS
  • From: Andrea Florio <andrea@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 18:49:12 +0100
  • Message-id: <4AFD9C18.6010508@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
hey guys.. i have the exact same issue.
i do not have any "mac" clients... my server is SLES x86_64 and all my
clients are openSUSE11.1 i586

i have those freeze several times, but i wasnt able yet to understand why.
any help is really appreciate


Il 13/11/2009 16:47, James Tremblay aka SLEducator ha scritto:
I would imagine that the rpclock provided by Apple is tuned for Apple
clients. Then add the 32-64 mystery and well , I don't know.
The first thing I would try is a 64 bit openSUSE client. I am forwarding
this to the team to see if someone else can help. My Brother a "Mac Fan"
is not sure either.
Keep in touch

Phil Grace wrote:

James, how are you doing? I just have a quick opensuse edu question
that I thought if anyone knew the answer to, you would. We've been
using Opensuse 11.1 in our Highschool library for a while now very
successfully with an OS X server setup. The linux clients authenticate
via ldap and access their homefolders via NFS. Everything has worked
smoothly until I upgraded the home folder server to snow leopard which
has NFS running at 64bit.

Now the opensuse clients are freezing. I was figuring that the issue
is because the clients are 32 bit and when the linux apps are locking
files in use they are doing so as 32 bit, but the files actually
reside on the 64 bit server. When the linux clients freeze I notice
that rpclock.d on the server is hogging resources, when I stop it and
restart NFS it starts working again.

Is there anything you can recommend I change on the client side maybe
NFS locking settings or something that will prevent me from needing to
go back to 32 bit on the server or going up to 64 bit on the clients?

Thanks for any direction you can provide

Phil Grace
Technology Director
Heber Springs School District

Andrea Florio
QSI International School of Brindisi Sys Admin
openSUSE-Education Administrator
openSUSE Official Member (anubisg1)
Email: andrea@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Packman Packaging Team
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