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Re: [opensuse-factory] Plans and Issues for ATI fglrx Driver for11.2?
  • From: Mike <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 13:25:41 +0200
  • Message-id: <200907011325.41774.mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 01 July 2009, Susanne Oberhauser wrote:
Greg KH <gregkh@xxxxxxx> writes:
As I'm following Factory myself closely (have it running on 2
systems.. compared to 11.1 only one 1) I was thinking of
having the KMPs too on the server. (Greg, please don't shoot!)

Remember, you can not redistribute these packages, so you better
not make them public for anyone else to get :)

What you do on your own systems is up to you.

So you're going to sue Dominique if he does?

If he redistributes the prebuilt nvidia driver, I will take the
same action that I have taken against other individuals and
companies that distribute such a thing in the past.

Knowingly ignoring someone who violates your copyright doesn't look
good if you wish to do future enforcement of your copyright. Or so
says my lawyers...

You could grant this one individual the License to use your personal
fraction of the overall kernel copyright in liaison with the ATI and
nvidia driver. As the copyright owner you are allowed to do such a
dual License.

Good idea.. Unfortunately, Greg KH wouldn't do this. It's against his
principles. it's his way or the highway. I've watched him for years
doing and saying the same thing.

Supposed the primary objective was to make openSUSE users happy and
make openSUSE the insanely easy solution to "I want to use Linux on
this machine".

And solve the license problem when we have 20, 30, 40 % desktop and
workstation market share, growing.

Which the current tactics is extremely effectively blocking.

btw, how's the status sueing ubuntu/canonical on their villainous
copyright infringements with their fglrx binary packages? They are
serving their users first, and then, with the help of a large number
of users, they'll change rules to the better of the GPL.

Wonder why we haven't heard about this lawsuit. I'm curious.


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