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[opensuse-factory] Czech Packagers Meeting minutes 2009-04-07
  • From: Michal Hrusecky <mhrusecky@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 21:14:27 +0200
  • Message-id: <20090417191427.GB1623@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Czech Packagers Meeting minutes 2009-04-07

Present: nadvornik, puzel, sbrabec, pgajdos, mseben, mhrusecky, anicka,
Minutes: mhrusecky

(1) Community Week
(2) Dropped packages
(3) Changelogs
(4) Proposals pages

(1) Community Week:

There is going to be held Community Week[1] (starting at 20th April). We
should participate as mentors for packaging day. Help people with
packaging and submitting to the Contrib. Maybe this opportunity can be
also used by community members to clean up their home repositories.
Ideas are already presented on wiki page[1].


(2) Dropped packages:

puzel told us about packages dropped from Factory. One really
interesting group of packages dropped was xsane and sane frontends. We
all agreed that these packages are really useful and should maintained
somewhere. So puzel proposed that he would maintain it in Contrib and if
he'll encounter any problems he wouldn't have time to solve, we will
help him.

Other Interesting dropped package was bash-completion. But this one was
dropped because of several serious bugs and poor support upstream so no
easy solution for this package.

(3) Changelogs:

mhrusecky is working on submiting new MySQL into factory. But this
package was for a long time maintained in separate repository in
BuildService and there was some changes in old package meantime. So
there is a problem how to merge changelogs. Currently the easiest way
seems to be to commit all changes in development branch as one changelog
entry to the old changelog and replace old package with a new one. But
this may occur more frequently with cooperation in BuildsSrvice so maybe
it would be good idea to have some formal rules how to solve such

We also discussed results from discussion on mailing list about
changelogs. Result from this discussion was that what we should write in
changelogs is only packaging changes and leave a note where to find
detail information about changes during package update.

(4) Proposals pages:

During discussion about changelogs mvyskocil mentioned that Fedora has
some wiki pages with proposals/upcoming changes which are not official
yet, so people can discuss these changes, everyone can read these
proposal's and people can prepare for these changes. It may be a good
idea to have something similar, especially with planned opening of

Status reports:

- openssh: investigate #489209
- cfengine: fix #487781

- removing python-numeric dependency from python-gtk
- work on updating SUSE Studio support packages

- working on merging development version of MySQL with factory version
- working on fixing some minor issues in development version of MySQL

- audacity : submitted patch to fix build issues in factory (problems
with linking against wxGTK)
- audacity : submitted fix of bnc#477654 (missing expression in return)
- doxygen : created patch for bnc#489947 (disabling build date in html

- fixed bnc#492555: tomcat6+confluence wiki crashed under openjdk6

- closed #469337 - deb: dpkg --print-architecture prints empty string
- fix #467332 for 11.1 - 467332 - Incomplete tools for Debian packages

- pcsc-*, opensc, openct: Updated, modalias supplements, fixes
(bnc#438131, bnc#474818, bnc#466430, bnc#304149, bnc#440853)
- libusb-1_0, libusb-compat: Update.

Michal Hrusecky

Package Maintainer
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