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[opensuse-factory] Czech Packagers Meeting minutes 2009-03-17
  • From: Michal Vyskocil <mvyskocil@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 15:11:11 +0100
  • Message-id: <200903241511.12021.mvyskocil@xxxxxxx>
Czech Packagers Meeting minutes 2009-03-17

Present: nadvornik, sbrabec, mkudlvasr, puzel, jmatejek, prusnak, mseben,
Minutes: mvyskocil

(1) Build rpms for SUSE using BitBake
(2) lib64 default in autoconf's configure
(3) RPM version for popcon: popcorn
(4) Installation of restricted content proposal
(5) Status reports

(1) Build rpms for SUSE using BitBake

BitBake[1] and OpenEmbedded[2] is an advanced package building
environment based on simple recipes and package classes. sbrabec works
on a setup that will allow to build packages for openSUSE there.


(2) lib64 default in autoconf's configure
./configure: Default to lib64.

It is possible to default to /usr/local/lib64 while calling ./configure
without arguments. Should it be done by default? [1]


(3) RPM version for popcon: popcorn

prusnak wrote a popularity-contest alternative for RPM distros. This was
announced on [2]. However this package could not be submitted to Factory now,
because we have no server to send the results to. Prusnak sent an e-mail to
Peter Poeml, but he is probably on vacation, so we have to wait further


(4) Installation of restricted content proposal
Sometimes is necessary install a content which is under some restrictions
(patents, copyrights) which prevents us to include it to openSUSE, but is
necessary for our users. Two biggest examples are: multimedia support and
device drivers (firmware).

puzel wrote a proposal of ease installation of restricted software for
openSUSE. [3]


(5) Status reports

- perl modules: update to current versions, fix update scripts
- [internal] openssh: worked on #456494
- did some reviewing for contrib

- reviewing python and python3 patches, upstreaming where possible
- splitting python3, reviewing and upstreaming patches
- work on python packaging guidelines
- examining fedora's python
- reviewing ruby packages for SUSE Studio

- fixing some issues in MySQL 5.1
- getting some sblim packages to build again in factory

- updated : hdparm,colordiff
- virtualbox-ose : investigating bnc#484333, factory build doesn't start
- audacity: working on fix for factory build

- fixed various tomcat6 bugs in Factory:
- bnc#418664 - Tomcat6 installation has missing bits
- bnc#471639 - tomcat does not start/work (sysconfig removed - also fixs
- fixed bnc#424675 - Access rights to /etc/tomcat6 directory not set right
- fixed and sucesfully tested bnc#484760: tomcat6 broken forwarding on 11.0
- created a tracking bug bnc#485933 - for bugs in tomcat6 in openSUSE 11.0
(will be released after successful test of sysconfig removal bnc#471639)
- bnc#485299 - Ant <xslt> tasks fail with NoClassDefFoundError:
- ITO: popcorn [1] reimplementation based on PackageKit. Not successful due
missing functionality of PackageKit [2]
- ITO: packaging of parrot 1.0 for openSUSE (now is in home:mvyskocil).
Noticed mls about it.

- updated mtools to 4.0.10
- fixed #485603 -- mkdosfs man-page incorrect

- updates: debhelper, global
- continue with packaging OCRopus
- closed #473684 - GnuPG does not start scdaemon correctly
- work on #480818 - pinentry-qt dialog does not handle dead keys
- fix #455774 - tcpdump doesn't work on usb0 network device
- work on Contrib (reviewing packages, add cgdb)

- Research on auto-prefixing configure to lib64. (bnc382344)
- translation-update-upstream: Preparing more packages (FATE#301344).
- INOVATION: Fixing problems of openSUSE packages build with BitBake and


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