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[opensuse-factory] Czech Packagers Team meeting minutes 2008-12-09
  • From: Pavol Rusnak <prusnak@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 17:46:11 +0100
  • Message-id: <494A7E53.90500@xxxxxxx>
Czech Packagers Team meeting minutes 2008-12-09

Present: anicka mhrusecky mkudlvasr mseben mvyskocil nadvornik pgajdos
prusnak puzel sbrabec
Minutes: prusnak


(1) MySQL plugins
(2) Status reports

(1) MySQL plugins

Mhrusecky told us about packaging of the new release of MySQL. MySQL 5.1
can be compiled with some of the storage backends as a plugin. Question
arises whether to build MySQL with most of the possible storage backends
included or whether to build support for most storage backends as a
plugin so people can choose what backend would they like to use and
enable only that one. Other related question is whether we should as a
part of SUSE integration enable all plugins by default. Michal would
expect that the most of ordinary users may be confused by existence of
plugins and they wouldn't know how to enable them so they will
appreciate automatic module loading after installation of plugin
package. On the other hand experienced users may dislike this idea.

(2) Status reports

- openssh: work on bugs (#436352, #448775, #439744, #456494, #458364)

- big update of Sun Java 1.4.2 sr19, Sun Java 1.5.0 u17 and Sun Java 1.6.0
- command-not-found performance issues on opensuse-factory and
submitted a manual page for c-n-f handler to git repository
- become a reviewer(maintaner) of openSUSE:Contrib
- fixed a files ownership of gle-graphics in openSUSE:Contrib

* worked on #457554 -- xpdf crashes at "full screen"
* worked on #457593 -- HDF5: Fortran module missing

- added 8 packages to Contrib
- updated scout in BuildService

- work on Contrib (submitted two packages, one reviewed)
- parted: work on #456674

balsa: Debugging bnc#450283.
OpenOffice: Helping to debug bnc#443467.
nspluginwrapper: Update (bnc#447434).
avahi: Finished fix of bnc#456418.
gftp: Working on bnc#434109, fixing bnc#160978 (and update for Factory).
FATE#301344: Implemented tbz method, work-flow test with translation team.

Best Regards / S pozdravom,

Package Maintainer Lihovarska 1060/12
PGP 0xA6917144 19000 Praha 9, CR
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