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Re: [opensuse-factory] issues with command-not-found speed
  • From: anicka@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 11:51:51 +0100
  • Message-id: <20081211105151.GA17065@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
That's weird. Try running

zypper refresh -f (forces a complete refresh including rebuild of the

and "benchmark" again.

No help here.

That's what caches are for: to cache data. If you keep dropping them,
performance of the programs will be worse.

Sure. I will not mind if the case with dropped cache will be slower. But I
think that it also must not be horribly slow. More than a second _is_ horribly
slow and I cannot really choose that my caches will just work for me in most of
the cases. I am doing it to reproduce the problem consistently but it happens
even if I do not care. And even initiation of ssh connection to my
slow-networked home machine is much faster then.

And even installing the package sl and running this command is only three times
slower and much more fun ;-)

You will learn that rewrite to C would be of no use, because Python code
immediately calls wrapped satsolver library which IS written in C. And
most of time (if not all of it) is spent there ...

Too bad. Look: This is a tool for a bash users and we have a good reason to
believe that people using bash are people who are not willing to loose their
time with fancy GUI tools. We want to help them with their work and help them
when they do a mistake, fine.

But exchange of help that probably will not be needed for a apparent delay in
many cases when a typo is typed is no real help. command-not-found message
with all the information in 0.3 seconds is a cool thing to have. Message
appearing in 1.3 seconds makes this package just another kludge that needs to
be uninstalled from the default installation, when you want to have your work

I got used to uninstalling mono, apparmor and similar highly useful tools for
my daily work. I am very unhappy that we have yet another thing like that. If
this tool has to be that slow by design, I think that it should not be present
in default installation (again: bash users are IMHO mostly people who want to
have their work done, no need to help them). Otherwise it should be fixed.

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