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Re: [opensuse-factory] design question
  • From: Richard <ricreig@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 17:05:10 -0500
  • Message-id: <200811181705.10829.ricreig@xxxxxxxxx>
On Tue November 18 2008 9:46:15 am Lukas Ocilka wrote:
Richard wrote:
On Tue November 18 2008 8:01:41 am Stanislav Visnovsky wrote:
They broke something that worked, worked well and has been an
established method. What we have now is like a store that closes up
after serving one customer, forcing the next to ring a door bell. It
disrupts the workflow pattern for no good reason.
Nope. We changed a behavior you got used to.


... but you didn't replace it with a better way. Failing that, you
shouldn't change the behavior of software that has worked well long enough
to 'get used to'.

There are always pros and cons and it's not easy to make everyone happy.
As Stano said, that pop-up had been added because of very slow starting
of package manager. This issue is not there anymore, we have a very fast
libzypp now.

Moreover, there are no other YaST modules that would do the same. E.g.,
once you configure your DNS Server, you have it configured and if you
decide to check or change the configuration, just run the YaST module
again. There's no difference, no reason (but that people got used to
that) why it should behave differently.

How often do you actually use this feature? How often do you
install/upgrade/remove a software and right after then decide you want
install/upgrade/remove some more?


Frankly, that is the normal mode for me. I istall 1 package and assorted
support libraries, then repeat for other packages, IE, I might isntall MPlayer,
then come back and istall VLC then maybe search for codecs and install those.
Doing them separately has proven to cause less dependancy problems especially
because I can enable/disable repos between installs...though usually I just add
a package groupe at a time with a static repo setting. Sometimes I just
'browse' the title/descriptions and say to myself, "Hey, lets experiment and
see what this does", install it and maybe then search for related programs,
like install mplayer, then look for frontends like smplayer (sp) or other
programs that might use mplayer. Only rarely do I say 'Update all packages'
or 'Update all in this list' in which case I *still* would like some kind of
notification, be it popup or a visible progress log perhaps, some kind of
notification that whatever I did finished or if not, why not and which one(s).

It is true that the libraries load much faster now, but that's no reason to not
have some kind of a "I want more" button, popup or a timer that gives you a
chance to see a status display maybe with a 'quit' or 'done' button in addition
to the 'I want more' button, all with a time out of X minutes/seconds in case
you want this to be unattended with the assumption of 'quit', or whatever.

The way it is now, it just disappears with no clue that it was successful, just
destroyed your system, walking-wounded but probably will work, or what, Whan
the screen disappears like it does now, I virtually always assume the worst,
dg, malfunction.


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