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Re: [opensuse-factory] openSUSE and Ubuntu's BulletBroof X
On Saturday 20 September 2008 06:21:02 pm Eberhard Moenkeberg wrote:

On Sat, 20 Sep 2008, Felix Miata wrote:
On 2008/09/21 02:28 (GMT+0200) Eberhard Moenkeberg composed:
My preference would be for SaX2 to come up in interactive mode when
new gfxcard is detected.

Why not, if new pci device is detected.

Is that some question?

But at least, you want to have the "best" mode of your device
configured, and that needs your personal intellect.

Exactly the meaning of interactive, being given questions, and providing
answers, in order to get a most desired/best personal choice result.

So just call sax2, and you get it.

If you have changed hardware pieces and do not think of maybe you have to
change some configuration, you are more stupid as one can be. Somebody
should have knocked you down before you fingered your hardware.

That may be, however I ran into just such a situation a few weeks back.

My wife's ATI card on her tower died. It would simply lock up the computer in
anything but VGA mode.

I then swapped it out for an older NVidia card I cannibalized from another
system in my garage.

Of course, that system balked, and booted into VGA Mode. Windows (in this case
Win2K) then told me I needed to change drivers, which I did with little

She's been up and running ever since.

In that case - and I'm not defending Windows in general - I did not have to
resort to the command line, nor did her system fail to boot. I was asked to
reconfigure and install the appropriate drivers.

kai ||
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