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[opensuse-factory] CZ PACK Team weekly status reports
  • From: Petr Cerny <pcerny@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 21:32:51 +0200
  • Message-id: <480F8EE3.4020604@xxxxxxx>
* anosek:
- got ready for and attended Linux Expo
- closed libnids sec. bug #363542
- fixed rocksndiamonds #379726
- finally submitted eclipse

* anicka:
- openssh: work on old bugs (#236216, #148342)
- perl-Tk: investigate #379942
- LinuxExpo event

* jmatejek
- updating: python-twisted suite to 8.0.0
- new Python security issues

* lmichnovic
- Version update of several packages: mtr, OOo-thesaurus, OOo-hyphen,
aspell-dictionaries, rasmol, hunspell.
- Enabled netlink support in package quota.
- Licq: investigated security problem and reported to upstream.
- Attended some lectures at LinuxExpo.
- Had a speech about Linux as operating system at CZU - Czech
Agricultural University.
- Tested openSUSE 11 Beta1 and reporting bugs.

* mmarek
- updated sblim-gather
- attended linuxexpo

* mvyskocil
- attended linuxexpo and prepared a lecture
- discuss with Standa about GSoC project
- work on IBM Java security update [bnc#379038]
- fix a geronimo-specs package
- install and test of Beta1

* pcerny
- package updates (libquicktime, libksba, pinentry, wt)
- pinentry bugs

* pgajdos
- #379549 -- missing ioctl_list manpage
- examining instlux

* sbrabec
- Default background fixes (bnc#369924): use wallpaper file from
desktop-data-openSUSE, new optional dynamic wallpaper in
gnome-wallpaper-openSUSE package.
- Review files in gnome2-SuSE (bnc#380708) and gnome-themes packages
- gnome-session, *-branding*: Removed /usr/bin/gnome code modifying
default background in user gconf database (bnc#369924), added openSUSE
11.0 GNOME splash (bnc#361234), added openSUSE 11.0 default background
(bnc#369924), use packageand form of branding supplement.
- gdm login screen: Preparing branding split, creating branding package
(bnc#369317, fate#301792), new background color (bnc#361234).
- desktop-data-openSUSE: Generate gnome-wp-list XML background files to
make wallpapers visible in GNOME.
- gstreamer*: Update. Fixed Obsoletes (bnc#357153).
- Review of Google SoC projects, discussion, evaluation.
- Smart Cards: Preparing test hardware proposal.
- gnome-patch-translation: Update.
- gcalctool: Fix grouping and brokenness in some locales (bgo#527669).
- wxGTK: Research on crash on exit (bnc#380267).

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