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Re: [opensuse-factory] Just one question about plane to release openSUSE 11.0 with KDE 4.1
  • From: peter nikolic <p.nikolic1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 15:26:16 +0000
  • Message-id: <200803071526.17181.p.nikolic1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Friday 07 March 2008, Will Stephenson wrote:
On Friday 07 March 2008, Martin Schlander said:
If it were up to me I'd simply postpone release of 11.0 for 3-4 months so
we could not only have 4.1.0, but maybe 4.1.2 - and drop KDE3 as a
desktop. Of course some KDE3 apps would most likely still be needed.

Since that doesn't appear to be an option, something else must be done.
We should communicate aggressively that people should think twice before
installing 11.0 (with KDE4.0), and maybe they should even consider
skipping 11.0 completely. But then again, that was tried for KDE4.0 and
it seemed noone paid attention.. :-/

Personally I'm considering not moving to 11.0 on my main box until 4.1 is
available in the BS. Time will tell how good 4.0 can become. And how much
better 4.1 will actually be..

I'm interested to know, why do you think the plan that I summarized in my
earlier mail in this thread won't meet your needs?


I have only one interest in KDE4 on suse 11.0
will it be possible to install 11.0 with KDE 3.X.X only and NO KDE 4.X
untill 4.X has the ability to be as good and flexible and NON Gnome-esk as
KDE 3.X.X ..

Have tried KDE 4.X on opensuse 11 and yea well the disc now has slam64 on it

Pete .

SuSE Linux 10.3-Alpha3. (Linux is like a wigwam - no Gates, no Windows, and an
Apache inside.)
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