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[opensuse-factory] Dist Meeting
  • From: Stephan Kulow <coolo@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 14:57:17 +0100
  • Message-id: <200802061457.17714.coolo@xxxxxxxxxx>

We have a meeting every two weeks to discuss larger changes to the
distribution and I would you to keep you informed - even though I
miss the time to do it every time ;(

The people in there are from several R&D teams - desktop to security.

So we had two "dist" meetings in january and will have one this week.
The topics discussed are below.


- harmonize system artwork (mili)
* created an appliance with new branding
* had to tweak many things
* should be easy - just drop packages without signing
(objection from rudi)
* agreement to make it easier
* two feature requests:
- make it more structurable
- create a yast module possibly
- just someone needs to do it - who?
AI: Mili will do it

- sync packages between build service and factory
* there are concerns with syncing build service to factory
* autobuild team has no time to review the changes for security
* Someone _must_ to do a review, the Novell maintainer is responsible
for that
* We can't do automatic submissions from build service, review
is required
* We need to define a workflow for the review
* build service package need to reviewed as if they come from
an independent 3rd party source

- lzma (ro)
* coreutils submitted with lzma compression
* lzma compresses slightly better, but adds yet another dependency
* the possibility of having rpm payload with lzma
* rejected unless rpm changes
* base packages are still restricted to bzip and gzip

- changes to the debuginfo packages
* remove requires from debuginfo -> no objections
* split sources from debuginfo named -debugsource -> no objections
* to be continued...


- debuginfo (Jan)
- packaging was topic last time
- goal: reliable unwind info / backtrace
- don't strip symtab and debug.frame
- binary size will increase (no estimate possible)
- for i386 it would be "severe" as for x86_64
- currently looking howto compress the sections
- mono has similiar problems - but is not about
AI jblunk: experiment with OOo and give back numbers

- java 1.4 (from skh)
- we're currently checking to be compatible with 1.4, this
seems to be outdated
- everyone is 1.5 compatible by now
- _should_ be ok with 1.5 now
- AI ro: check for 1.5 and no longer 1.4
- AI coolo: tell the java maintainers

- changelog format (Thorsten)
- changelogs that specify fate and bugzilla numbers
need to specify fate#nnnnnn or bnc#nnnnnnn
- all other numbers are ok if they are not fate or
bnc entries

- vendor locks for the solver
- what the solver needs to do with packages not from suse?
- conclusion: 10.3 behaviour is fine

- shared library policy
- the policy is not clear on the explicit package name
- request: make the policy more strict
AI matz: make the rules explicit (remember dots!)
AI jpr: send unclear examples

- lzma
- decompression is much faster
- compression is only slower if we'd stay with -9 -> not
- we need working library (already in BETA)
- integration in rpm and deltarpm - to be tested in BETA
- upstream maintainer is very open to feedback

- how to get rid of old packages (rudi)
- if we install a package and update without removing old
cruft, it's our responsibility to remove it
- the easy solution: remove everything not needed that is
from us
- solution: offer a feature to help the user to get rid of
unmaintained packages that create no problems

[2008-02-07 - this is in the future!]

I got 3 topics from the imaging workshop happening right now:
- how to handle branding of the distribution
- forbid host specific %post scripts - I think
this is a nobrainer, but we need to make it official :)
- make the system easier strippable - e.g. remove languages
and split out documentation to make it easier to group

Greetings, Stephan

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