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Re: [opensuse-factory] OpenSUSE, bugs and some considerations
  • From: "Carlos E. R." <robin.listas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 12:14:20 +0100 (CET)
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The Monday 2007-03-05 at 04:05 -0000, Sid Boyce wrote:

> > So, please, keep the good work done with KDE, but also do not forget Gnome
> > and try to make it be buggless. Even if it is not "shiny", we would very
> > much like it to at least work, without _big_ bugs.
> >
> The use of KDE was the main reason I was attracted away from Redhat and that
> gawd awful CDE that graces Sun to this day. The main reason I'd be driven away
> from openSUSE would be the jettisoning of KDE - assurances have been given,
> but the push to do so is often voiced. The problem I personally have with a
> Gnome desktop is on two fronts.
> 1. It's too foreign and restrictive/prescriptive when you're used to KDE -
> there was a time when Gnome on SuSE was almost verboten. It may be just the
> ticket for anyone recently coming from Windows.
> 2. Try updating a Gnome app and you run into horrendous dependency problems -
> doesn't apply to people who install and don't need to touch.

Please... I'm not trying to convince anybody to use gnome instead of kde.
Not so! Linux is about freedom, and freedom of choice is an important
freedom. You prefer kde? Fine, perfect! You don't need to convince me, I
like it. But I also like gnome, and I want it to be taken care off - both
of them. That there is more effort shown into kde? Fine! But please, do
not forget gnome.

I have no fear at all of SuSE going all over to gnome. That's kind of fud
spread by the kde crowd :-P and it's just not going to happen.

Why do I like gnome? Less clutter, less gadgetry :-P

Updating gnome tools? I do it myself, I have compiled several gnome apps
with no problem. In fact, I have more problems compiling and installing
kde apps :-p

> There are many Gnome apps I like and run, so I install and update both Gnome
> and KDE as updates become available, but I largely don't get adventurous with
> Gnome. I wish both to progress and succeed, but just keep giving us the
> choice. Hobson's choice is not for us old fogies for whom SuSE (however you
> write it) is synonymous with KDE - Flexibility, configurability and easy to
> build for.
> looks like that's more than just two fronts when broken down.

That's right, freedom of choice. There is no freedom if people tell gnome
users to switch to another distro (some say so).

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Carlos E. R.

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