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Re: [opensuse-factory] What to do with the bad package mngr reviews
  • From: Andreas Hanke <andreas.hanke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 03:58:48 +0100
  • Message-id: <458360E8.9050206@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Druid schrieb:
> Yeah. First link problem is clearly the (almost always) broken http
> redirector. If he had added a mirror directly it would probably give
> no errors at all. My 10.2 box is working good, without any zmd stuff
> installed (as 10.1 was too, actually).
> That said, Andreas Hanke, about the zmd bashing "volume": I expect it
> to be just as much as the size of the problem it caused in 10.1, which
> we both know what is the size of it, right? Something between
> "destroyed the known universe" and "reverse big bang, 2nd revision".
> Just to remind we are talking about a program that in 10.1 would
> corrupt its data all by itself, without user intervention. You went to
> sleep, let computer on, wake up and there it goes, repo data corrupted
> on zmd. Really great.

Can we maybe try to discuss this issue a tiny little bit more seriously
- or not at all?

Try to get a clue about the zmd architecture: For a regular user it's
nearly impossible to tell whether it's zmd or zypp which "currupts its
data all by itself" because both zmd AND zypp are accessing zmd.db. The
regular user of course only knows about zmd and not about the zypp
backend and concludes "I hate zmd, now I'll go on bashing until you
remove it for me".

If the database becomes currupted, how do you know why this happened?
Maybe it happened because parse-metadata segfaulted... And most of the
slowness _clearly_ comes from the zypp backend. That's why you can find
it in YaST, too, unless you deliberately don't look at it.

This sarcasm is not serious and won't help improving the quality of the
non-zmd based tools. It would be much more productive if we could agree
on working together improving the quality of the overall situation
instead of bashing one aspect of it.

The non-zmd tools still have serious problems in many areas:

- Why doesn't zypper ask for the CD if I request installing packages
from it,
- Why does opensuse-updater tell me since several hours that it's
checking for updates without actually checking anything,
- Why do patches don't disappear from the opensuse-updater summary
window after installing them with YOU,
- Why does opensuse-updater like to invoke yast2 as yast2 which is not
in the PATH instead of /sbin/yast2,
- Why has zypp forgotten about the LABEL field in the 'content' file of
YaST2 channels?

These things are interestingly all working with zmd, where I'm
constantly being told that nothing works.

Btw. right now I don't have zmd installed either and I don't miss it,
but it's interesting because this way it's possible to see all the not
yet finished/not yet working places in the other tools. Of course I will
just file bugs for these issues instead of asking for removal of these
tools from the distribution.
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