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Re: [opensuse-factory] ZMD consumes 70-85% cpu during more than 150 minutes...
  • From: "Robby (M9.) Verberne" <monkey9@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 15:05:27 +0100
  • Message-id: <454F4127.2020107@xxxxxx>
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Andreas Hanke schreef:
> Dominique Leuenberger schrieb:
>> I think one problem we all experiance here (and I'm not even sure Smart
>> would handle this different) is the fact, the a zmd refresh has to get
>> the current catalog infos from a server (I think it's downloading
>> primary.xml.gz and filelists.xml.gz and maybe even other.xml.gz, can a
>> ZMD expert comment on this?)
> Almost true. ;-)
> zmd never downloads other.xml.gz. If it does, it's a bug. But I've never
> seen that.
> zmd and smart are downloading the same files for YUM repos: repomd.xml,
> primary.xml.gz and filelists.xml.gz. The difference is that zmd
> downloads it even if not explicitly asked to do so. But on the other
> hand, the files don't need to be downloaded later because they are
> already available.
>> Especially in the Factory tree which is very unstable at the moment,
>> these catalog files are changing regularly (several times a week) and
>> thus have to be downloaded over and over again.
> Let's say that the tree is "in flux" and not "unstable".
>> Once the tree is considered stable, these catalogs get downloaded a
>> single time and only the update tree is modified. AFAIK, zmd keeps the
>> timestamps of the last update of these catalogs, and if not changed,
>> decides not to download them.
> Correct, neither zmd nor smart are downloading metadata from unchanged
> sources again if they are already available.
>> A short look on the files show, that it is downloading around 60MB at
>> the moment. This might take a while. Here, probably the FTP/HTTP[S] Get
>> method is not as cpu friendly as it could be, or maybe it's something
>> completely different.
> There is a slight difference between zmd/YaST/zypp and smart for YaST
> sources: For this source type, smart does indeed download fewer files
> than libzypp does.
> But you get less functionality back: No translations, no disk usage
> information, no patterns.
> What Monkey 9 is experiencing here is probably just a bad mirror. I
> blame Solution: Remove this source and add a good
> mirror directly.

The process was just there after the updater shutted down..
The reason for the shutdown is allready known.
The only tool i have to see what is happening at this moment is top.
I agree it is vague, but one kan kill a process before completely
stuck...(if one is lucky)
I killed it..

My question right now is: which app do i need, and can be used on 102,
to find out what is realy happening?
In 101 i just uninstalled, but now this is not possible without a lot of
I can offcourse reinstall the whole bunch, uninstall the whole circus:
zyplibb, rug and zmd immediately, but what do we gain from this?
> Andreas

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