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Re: [opensuse-factory] YAST new icons
  • From: Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 22:36:28 +0200
  • Message-id: <eh0qgc$pso$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Andreas Hanke wrote:

> Per Jessen schrieb:
>> Andreas, that is a silly and unnecessarily sarcastic question. Bart
>> only pointed out that the current set of YaST icons is ugly and dull,
>> just as I did on 10 Oct.
> It doesn't work that way. I seriously doubt that calling the icon
> theme ugly or silly or whatever gives you better icons. Try a wording
> like "inconsistent" or "out of place" or something like that.

I believe that Novell would like to sell a product that is pleasing to
the eye too. So when I call such a drastic change in icons "ugly",
yes, I do believe it will work. I don't think they're inconsistent nor
do I think they're out of place, I only think they're ugly and dull (in
comparison to the previous set).

>> No, I have no intention of creating a set of
>> icons for SUSE, but when the current set (10.2a5) is a step backward
>> from that of earlier alphas, reporting it is very reasonable.
> But it isn't a fact that these icons are a step backward, it's an
> opinion.

Of course. My opinion is that they are a step backward, and I have
informed Novell that I think so. I wasn't the one who raised a
bugreport, I only mentioned it here on this mailing-list.

> The proposal with a custom theme package is not intended to be
> sarcastic at all. Just look at the way the YaST icon theme is packaged
> and you'll see that there is an infrastructure to install multiple
> theme packages in parallel.

Maybe so - nonetheless you suggested that a plain user of openSUSE would
be likely to create a new set of icons - presumably when you're quite
well aware that doing so requires significant graphical and artistical
talent and effort. That is called sarcasm.

>> You're missing the point. YaST is perhaps one of the most visible
>> applications - that KDE has other new applications to offer is
>> utterly irrelevant, IMHO.
> I sort of disagree (When using the system in a "normal" way - not
> Alpha-testing - I'm touching the desktop menu and the networking
> applet every day and YaST maybe once in a week), but hey, we're free
> to disagree. ;-)

Yeah, of course YaST is unlikely to be used a lot once you're up and
running, that's very true. But your argument about some or other minor
KDE apps was just as bad, I think.

/Per Jessen, Zürich

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