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Re: [opensuse-factory] YAST new icons
  • From: Bart Otten <bart.otten85@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 22:31:49 +0200
  • Message-id: <200610162231.50236.bart.otten85@xxxxxxxxx>
Op zondag 15 oktober 2006 23:50, schreef andreas.hanke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
> Hi,
> > Say it isn't true.... openSUSE becomes Gnome minded (at Novell-request I
> > am
> > 90% sure) as we all can see using KDE.
> Do you really think so?
> Are you using the current Alphas? Did you compare both environments there?

I run factory and used the Alpha 5 installer...Do not have to compare but can
see the icons popping up in KDE.

> > First there was the out of place
> > updater-icon (still, we are waiting on KDE Updater), YaST and now also in
> > the
> > installer.
> Someone has to write these updaters, they are not just icons...
> Zen-Updater is not a GNOME application, while SuSEwatcher *was* a KDE
> application and the new updater for KDE *will be* a KDE application.

However the updater icon used in KDE was from the Gnome look. There were many
complaining when devving 10.1 allready.
> > I know KDE will stay in the distro and there will be worked on.
> Yes, as everyone can see by using the current Alphas and closely looking at
> the work being done.
> > But this becomes really annoying in KDE and I hope it is 'fixed' before
> > Final.
> Someone would have to create the icons in the first place. They don't
> create themselves. It seems that the previous icon theme is not complete
> any more because of new YaST modules being added over the time. You are
> willing to create matching icons?

I want that the old one are used instead of all the Novell-brand ones that
comes from SLED.... playing with colors inside Gimp can turn Gnome-styles
into like-KDE-styled.. However I allready made an new icon for AppArmor cause
it is not sharp aan looks (or looked) out of order in never went
into while it IS/WAS better.....
> Please read:
> There is a lot of exciting stuff being done specifically for KDE, and not
> just packaging, but actually also new applications. Just look at
> knetworkmanager and kerry and kickoff and the KDE updater, try to
> appreciate it a little bit and calm down with the YaST icons... These are
> just icons, on the other hand you get new applications.
> Andreas Hanke

I am calm, but is is annoying. I am not gonna get mad about it..... I see some
cewl KDE-things happening (Kickoff is going to be cool (is allready)). But
those icons are slipping into KDE. They are just misplaced.

However I would still recommend openSUSE 10.2 to friend cause even ZEN seems
to get working :D, Kickoff, bit install-refreshment, patterns and so on.
openSUSE still rocks, but would be rocking even more when KDE wouuld use only
KDE-styled icons ;-)

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