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Re: [opensuse-factory] Alpha 5 installation and setup issues
  • From: Andreas Jaeger <aj@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2006 07:12:36 +0200
  • Message-id: <m3u02ers1n.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxx>
"Terje J. Hanssen" <nteknikk@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> I just did a new attempt with 10.2 alpha 5 x86_64 on a Dell Precision
> 490 Xeon workstation. Happily the alpha4 USB mouse problem was fixed
> and the Gnome dekstop was possible to start testing. But I encountered
> several issues during the installation or with the setup after login,
> as noted below.
> Selected installation of Gnome as default desktop (+ most of Gnome and
> KDE incl. Desktop Effects and Remote Desktop), Xen server and other
> server utilities (NFS, Print, File, Web & LAMP).
> Even the Internet connection test with latest version notes responded
> OK, yet the following, suggested online configuration responded a
> fault with the Internet connection and didn't work!

"Most annoying bug"

> After login to Gnome, there was 17 software updates available. But the

"Most annoying bug"

> Zen updater ran into "Dependency Resolution Failed" error (as
> usual). Didn't come further with this.

> During the installation configuration my NVIDIA Quadro FX550 card and
> Dell 2405 FPW WUXGA monitor were automatic detected and setup correct
> with 1920x1200 resolution and 24 bit colordepth using the OSS "nv"
> driver, Fine! But I wished to use 3D for Xgl/Compiz and installed the
> latest NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64 proprietary driver according to the Howto
> for Suse users. So far so good.
> Went afterwards into Gnome Control Center > Desktop Effects to enable
> 3D and Xgl. Both 3D and Desktop Effects were disabled. Though my
> Quadro FX550 is still on the "not tested yet" part of the xgl HCL, it
> was NOT even possible to force enabling 3D/Xgl with the suggested
> Shift and dual click!

Mmmh - please file a bug report.

> It was neither possible to start SaX2 from the button in Desktop
> Effects, nor from the traditional program menu added to the
> panel. Started ok from YaST2>Graphic Card and display, but 3D was
> greyed out in SaX2 and it didn't sound possible to get 3D enabled
> there. Tried also "glxinfo" in a terminal, but the command wasn't
> found, remarkable as this did work in 10.1.

Is freeglut not installed on your system? Perhaps we should add it,
please file a bug against "Patterns"

> Among other issues I noticed on my first test are:
> Starting YaST2 from an added launcher on the panel, doesn't ask for a
> privileged password, but starts YaST2 in the limited "user mode"
> directly.

Please file a bug.

> Trying to add a launcher for "Monitoring CPU frequences" to the panel,
> responded this tools wasn't supported.

Please file a bug.

> Wished to cusomize my login window preferences, but it didn't start
> from the menu i.e.
> More aplication>System>Login Windows, and responded with error message
> "gdmsetup", no such file or map.

Please file a bug.

> A visual issue in application's pulldown menus (i.e Firefox), is that
> when pointing on menu entries with the mouse pointer, the activated
> text becomes invisible (maybe due to a text vs background color issue)

Please file a bug.

> Tried to download (rpm) files with Firefox, and it worked only using
> left- lick on the url to download directly on the desktop. Using the
> normal right-click to save the file on a selected file/map
> didn'work. Nothing happened after Clicking the "Save" button.

Please file a bug.

> Comments, suggestions, confirmations or other experiences?

You've found quite a number of issues, please file them so that they
get fixed,

Andreas Jaeger, aj@xxxxxxx,
SUSE Linux Products GmbH, Maxfeldstr. 5, 90409 N├╝rnberg, Germany
GPG fingerprint = 93A3 365E CE47 B889 DF7F FED1 389A 563C C272 A126
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