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Re: [opensuse-factory] 10.2 Alpha4 - my installation report
  • From: Andreas Hanke <andreas.hanke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 01:52:24 +0200
  • Message-id: <450899B8.4010800@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Rajko M schrieb:
> That is reason to ask for gcc. I know how to handle this, but new to
> Linux will get lost, and we will have to handle a lot of help requests
> from them.


The web is full of

- forum posts
- wiki entries
- other documentation resources

which clearly say:

"In order to compile a kernel module, the packages gcc, make and
kernel-source are needed."

The user will "get lost" only if he's not interested in getting the job
done anyway.

> Another option is weak dependency, as Christian mentioned, but I haven't
> seen recently packages that will be installed to satisfy dependencies
> and have check box enabled, which would be sign that I can remove them
> from selection.

That's because "weak" dependencies are not weak at all.

There are just two cases:

- The package that another package depends on is installed by default.
This is the case with "Requires" and "Recommends". "Requires" ==
"Recommends" here.

- The package that another package depends on is not installed by
default. This is the case with "Suggests". "Suggests" is very similar to
not having a dependency at all.

There is no intermediate step between these and no way to prevent a
"Recommended" package from being installed other than installing it and
uninstalling it again or setting the package to "taboo" - which requires
the user to know in advance that the dependency is meant to be "weak".

I can explain why I don't like the idea of kernel-source depending on
gcc: It breaks the concept of being able to replace the system compiler
that has just now been introduced, because it will force the system
compiler to be installed even if the user already has another compiler.

On the other hand, you might argue that kernel modules must be built
with the system compiler anyway... And that's correct. So maybe the
proposal makes sense, but I'm unsure.

Andreas Hanke
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