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Re: [opensuse-factory] openSUSE 10.2 Features and Roadmap
  • From: Azerion <azerion@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 13:45:35 +0200
  • Message-id: <200608311345.35442.azerion@xxxxxxxxx>
> > Maybe, or it's just like we use YaST all the time and that is just a
> > YaST-look. But the install is very important for users that want to
> > checkout SUSE. A graphical install that looks slick will make people
> > trust the software. Don't know why but it's like that.
> Slick, is that horizontal bar that tells nothing, but time point.
> Than troubleshooting would be easier:
> Q:"Let me know what you see in exactly in 2 min 45 sec after beginning?"
> A:"I see blue to 46%. The rest is white."

Maybe install should be so simple that there are no questions?

> >>> Idea 2: Let the user select what screens he/she wants to use default:
> >>> default/expert. On every screen in default there will be an option to
> >>> see expert-options but you don't have to make the choice every time.
> >>
> >> yes
> This contradicts request for simplification as it adds another screen
> with options.

Serious, you make vague points. The one above I had to read 7 times and this
one I don't understand neither. It DOES add a screen but default users won't
see that screen.

> > For the asker: Options confuses people. The will read the options but
> > probably they don't understand everything of it. Just make them hidden.
> Removing options is what MS did and now I'm using Linux.
> What is your proposal where to go if SUSE removes all options?

Darn, you are annoying man. Maybe have to be put in Expert?

> >>> Idea 3: This one is stolen from Vista. Drop those radiobuttons (round
> >>> things) and replace it with an nice arrow that directly reponse.
> >>
> >> don't always try to mimics windows. I don't know vista and
> >> don't want to know about it :-). I like to be able to groups
> >> my answers, the less screens the better
> >
> > Don;t get you're point. This thing does not generate more pages. It just
> > makes sure you only have to click ones instead of "select option C" -
> > "Next". It feels more 'direct' to do it with action-buttons. Don't be
> > afraid to mimic Vista on some point. Maybe we won't agree with their
> > bussiness and source-model but that does not mean their graphical design
> > is bad.
> >
> > Brrrrrr, ik dislike Linux-fanboys that ban everything from MS only
> > because it is MS.
> Wrong, Azerion.
> It is disliked because it's a lot of eye candies without content, and
> reference MS is just to save typing.

The content does not change with this idea. You only miss the [next] button at
those pages cause the acion will be there if you click the option.
> I don't like to see that kind of "user friendly" here. Computers are
> complex devices, and operating systems are not mind readers to guess
> what I want to do with. Installation programs have to ask questions, and
> user must be able to answer. If they are not clear what was asked the
> only exit is good (not necessarily large) help.

The question is the same....Do you read the plan?

- read 4 options
- click option 1
- click next
Next page

- read 4 options
- click option 1
Next page

> >>> Idea 4: Do not show more information the needed in default. I don't
> >>> care what step I have had and which one will come next.
> >>
> >> I do care much. this is a very good thing, don't change it,
> >> please. It's very fequent to be disturbed during a work
> >> (phone call...) and you must know where you are when coming back
> >
> > True, you want to know where you ARE. You don't have to know where you
> > HAVE BEEN. I know that I have partitionized and selected a language......
> Hello, how to locate where I'm with single word. How many steps was
> before and how many comes is important. BTW, just as it is in MS, just
> different graphics.

Why should you know where you located? Somebody said: sometimes I install 3
PC's at the same time. Good, then you are probably not Joe Avarage so it can
be placed in Expert.

> > Lees info in the screen, as default, is good.
> Don't turn slide show off. There is not much information ;-)

Read further my friend....

> >>> Idea 5: Take care of that you show a lot of nice things in the
> >>> slideshow. 3 buttons: prev, next, diashow. It uses some space on the
> >>> disk but new users will welcome it....
> >>
> >> honestly I don't like the slideshow, I HATE advertisements.
> >> If slide show tyhere is, it should be _usefull_ (list of new
> >> points, some help...)
> >
> > YOU hate them, YOU won't watch them if you are installing openSUSE. YOU
> > are expert and YOU know what openSUSE brings to your desktop.
> >
> > I do also, new users don't. And I guess we will have to focus on new
> > users at some points. Experts won't see the slide-show after all (even if
> > it includes release-notes)
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