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Re: [opensuse-factory] openSUSE 10.2 Features and Roadmap
  • From: Azerion <azerion@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 14:27:20 +0200
  • Message-id: <200608301427.21026.azerion@xxxxxxxxx>
> > People are confused by seeing
> > Httpserver, DNS-server and so on in YaST.
> why "confused"? may be these options are not uptodate, but
> it's good to have them

DNS-server, HTTP-server. Normal people don't know what they are and don't want
to know. I think it must me 'there' but not with 21 shortcuts. Try to group

> > Idea 1: Do not use 'windows' like we do use it now.
> the goal is probably to have the same look we get after the
> install...

Maybe, or it's just like we use YaST all the time and that is just a
YaST-look. But the install is very important for users that want to checkout
SUSE. A graphical install that looks slick will make people trust the
software. Don't know why but it's like that.

> > Idea 2: Let the user select what screens he/she wants to use default:
> > default/expert. On every screen in default there will be an option to see
> > expert-options but you don't have to make the choice every time.
> yes

For the asker: Options confuses people. The will read the options but probably
they don't understand everything of it. Just make them hidden.

> > Idea 3: This one is stolen from Vista. Drop those radiobuttons (round
> > things) and replace it with an nice arrow that directly reponse.
> don't always try to mimics windows. I don't know vista and
> don't want to know about it :-). I like to be able to groups
> my answers, the less screens the better

Don;t get you're point. This thing does not generate more pages. It just makes
sure you only have to click ones instead of "select option C" - "Next". It
feels more 'direct' to do it with action-buttons. Don't be afraid to mimic
Vista on some point. Maybe we won't agree with their bussiness and
source-model but that does not mean their graphical design is bad.

Brrrrrr, ik dislike Linux-fanboys that ban everything from MS only because it
is MS.

> > Idea 4: Do not show more information the needed in default. I don't care
> > what step I have had and which one will come next.
> I do care much. this is a very good thing, don't change it,
> please. It's very fequent to be disturbed during a work
> (phone call...) and you must know where you are when coming back

True, you want to know where you ARE. You don't have to know where you HAVE
BEEN. I know that I have partitionized and selected a language......

Lees info in the screen, as default, is good.

> > Idea 5: Take care of that you show a lot of nice things in the slideshow.
> > 3 buttons: prev, next, diashow. It uses some space on the disk but new
> > users will welcome it....
> honestly I don't like the slideshow, I HATE advertisements.
> If slide show tyhere is, it should be _usefull_ (list of new
> points, some help...)

YOU hate them, YOU won't watch them if you are installing openSUSE. YOU are
expert and YOU know what openSUSE brings to your desktop.

I do also, new users don't. And I guess we will have to focus on new users at
some points. Experts won't see the slide-show after all (even if it includes

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