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Re: [opensuse-factory] Running a program when launching the SUSE install part
On Sun, Aug 06, 2006 at 11:15:31PM +0200, Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:
> Sure, yast could do that by itself, and even on every start, but that
> would reduce user experience drastically for some setups (My local repo
> has about 500 packages..)

I notice this more and more that apparently a solution must be workable
always in any situation. I believe that hinders development more then it
helps as it, bcause most likely there will always be an exeption.

Yes, some thought needs to go into things. However due to the openness op
/usr/src/packages/RPMS I do not think it is a good idea anymore.

> Maybe a daemon, based on inotify, that triggers the rebuild everytime
> the repo changes, would be a smart solution to this problem..

If I would have the knowledge on how to write such a deamon, I would.
Unfortunatly I am unable to do so. :-(

> I've a patch pending to createrepo to speed this up considerably again,
> if the repo didn't change between invocations.

Why is it pending?

>>>> Run the following from the bashprompt if you have the kernel sources
for I in `find /usr/src/linux/ -name *.c`; \
do A=`grep -i -A 1 -B 1 fuck $I`;if [ "$A" != "" ]; \
then printf "$I \n$A \n\n"; fi ;done|less

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