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Re: [opensuse-factory] Package Management Design and Experience
  • From: Andreas Hanke <andreas.hanke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 02:22:08 +0200
  • Message-id: <44A1CBB0.90605@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Klaus Kaempf schrieb:
>> Ideally, the installation_sources replacement would be called
>> installation_sources and support the same commandline syntax as the old
>> installation_sources.
> Was the old tool and its options sufficiently useful ? How do they compare
> to e.g. rug or smart ?

Yes, installation_sources was *very* useful for debugging and support

One type of frequent problems in user forums are screwed up or
incomplete YaST sources. installation_sources was ideal for identifying
and fixing them because:

a) It was much easier to handle than telling people "Go into YaST, call
the installation sources module and type your installation sources
here". A simple "Show me the output of 'installation_sources -s'" was

b) Its output was guaranteed to match the YaST configuration. This is
not the case with rug because it is easily possible to configure YaST
and rug in such a way that their sources are different, and the feature
set of both does not match exactly.

c) Similarly, telling people "In order to get multimedia working execute
'installation_sources -a http://blah.blubb/whatever/suse/10.0' as root"
is much easier and faster to do than "Go into YaST, click here, click
there, paste this into the first field and that into the second field" etc.

rug is helpful for scenario c) only. And smart is even less helpful for
these scenarios because it does not communicate with zypp in any way.

>> Why does zmd access zypp by executing helper binaries instead of linking
>> it directly, maybe through zypp-sharp bindings?
> Because Mono 1.x presented some very high hurdles when linking to C (resp C++)
> libraries.

Does this mean that better and tighter integration between zmd/rug and
YaST, e.g. direct linking, is something that might happen with a future
Mono release? Without knowing anything about the architecture, I guess
that this might eliminate a possible performance bottleneck.

>> 3. In GNOME, RPMs are associated with zen-installer, which is fine. But
>> zen-installer installs only one RPM at a time. Selecting multiple RPMs
>> and installing them at once is not possible, but often needed to avoid
>> having endless install -> check dependencies -> install loops.
> Thats a bug and should be reported.

After investigating a little bit, this seems to be a bug in GNOME or
nautilus and not in Zen-Installer. Zen-Installer works just fine when
passing multiple RPMs from the command line. The problem is that
nautilus launches two separate processes instead of passing both files
to one process when selecting two RPMs in nautilus.

I will report this as a bug against the GNOME component.

> We are listening, be assured.

This is highly appreciated! ;)

Andreas Hanke

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