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[opensuse-factory] YOU userfriendliness - "YaST crashed" false reports
  • From: Andreas Hanke <andreas.hanke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2006 19:18:11 +0200
  • Message-id: <448C5053.9020303@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

this is just a little bit of feedback or a notification about something
you might already know, but maybe it's not clear enough: The new way YOU
behaves is confusing and causes many, many false bug reports in user forums.

YOU used to display to-be-installed patches only in the past. Now it
displays all patches, even the already installed ones and the ones which
don't apply at all:

- To-be-installed patches have a black sign in the checkbox, already
installed ones have a dark blue sign. Many users cannot distinguish them
and report in user forums: "YaST crashed" if YOU exits without doing
anything because all patches are already installed.

- Patches which don't apply to a system, e.g. because the base packages
are not installed at all, are visible in the patches selection. Many
users do not understand this and report in user forums: "YaST does not
select critical security patches for me". Then they select the patches,
which results in MySQL, Postgresql etc. being installed on desktop systems.

- Sometimes both things are even combined: A user selects all patches,
even those that don't apply to his system at all, installs them, goes
back to YOU, notices the dark blue signs, concludes that the patches are
not installed and then repeats the procedure again, again and again -
but YOU doesn't do anything because the patches are already installed.
The resulting problem report is: "YaST does not install patches and
crashes all the time".

This is not a request to change things, I just want to make sure that
you know what's going on out there. Together with the common impression
that "package management doesn't work in 10.1", the result is that
people make very fast conclusions and consider things as "not working"
or "crashed" even if they are working just fine.

Andreas Hanke

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