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Re: [opensuse-factory] Bug 177758
On Wed, May 24, 2006 at 09:17:41PM +0200, Marcus Meissner wrote:
> > It should be a nice way to test online updates. Just to test the update
> > process. Edit the Release Notes to include: Update worked or just change
> > an icon. Just something to test the process.
> I have been planning this for regular online updates, but we did not (and
> likely still don't) have resources to do so.

I am not talking about doing actual online updates. I am talking about a
directory to *test* online updates in Factory, Alpha, Beta and RC.

e.g. just one file that will be updated and that is the "Release notes" or
somthing else competely irrelevant to the working of the system itself.
Perhaps just a test added to the realease notes that states that no real
security updates are done.

That way we have a directory to point to for our online updates during the
pre-release period and see what goes right or wrong. So no real (security)
updates, but a rocess to *test* the process.

At this moment, I think there is no way we can test YOU or similar
processes with zen. Such a directory would make it possible to test these
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