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zmd from the inside
  • From: Druid <marcio.ferreira@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 22:03:36 -0300
  • Message-id: <80829d260605231803p655774f5sc3993067b5931ce5@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
So we happen to get together some people today in irc, and since the package
management is so popular theme these last days, we happen to get a talk
about it with some of the developers. Since there has been so much
complaining and talk, but so little information, we tried to get some
information about it and set a wiki page, and added some of the discussed

There is also a log about the talk (,
with too much garbage on it, but Ill let it online if anyone cares to read

Thanks for all of you who helped. You know who you are.

The point was starting some information gathering, and hopefully it will
keep growing. So feel Free to complete the page, put infos that are not
there, etc.



### I will try to address the points that were explained:

Lots of users were concerned about the current situation of having the zypp
(yast) data and the zmd data (like /var/lib/zmd and /var/lib/zypp).This
situation of having the metadata twice was said that its because zmd likes
to have its own db. Other common point is that they can be very resource
intensive and lots of suers are experiencing that.

AJ rolled out some beta updates ( for
people to test and heard some reports it solved some problems.

Also it was said that Yast module is not a zmd frontend. Instead it uses
libzypp directly to install packages. Libzypp provides the dependency
solving functionality, and it supports traditional susetags and YUM/rpm-md
metadata formats.

Zmd has support for other sources too, like redcarpet ones, for example, but
can also do YUM metada repositories. Zmd and rug also uses libzypp for
dependency solving. Zmd uses an sqlite db */var/lib/zmd/zmd.db to store most
of its pertinent data. The libzypp helpers are not written in C++ (and thats
the reason its not integrated in libzypp, which is C++ code), but in a
separated stage. Zmd interface also works with libredcarpet (as it used to
do), so you cant simply go modifying that interface too. It was noted that
some of the helpers (like parse-metadata and update-status, for example)
seems to be the ones most hogging the system (but it would need to try to do
some profiling, so we can stop the I-think-it-is and start the

It was also said that due to the close deadline of release, zypp wasnt yet
optimized, so there is a big field for improvements in there.

Note that from this description it is clear that we have some overlapping of
solutions, specially about yum sources, that could be in the future be done
using only one solution (which I think is what all people wants, the use of
zmd, and a yast frontend to zmd as a common yast module, what currently is
the sw_single/online_update module).

For the people willing to help with debug, here is how to set debug
information (beware of logfiles getting bigger in ./log/zmd-messages.log): $
rug set log-level debug ; $ rug set log-exception-traces true
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