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Re: [opensuse-factory] Bug 177758
  • From: Frank-Michael Fischer <fmfischer@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 14:57:48 +0200
  • Message-id: <447306CC.6010909@xxxxxxx>
Martin Schlander wrote:
> tirsdag 23 maj 2006 14:11 skrev Henne Vogelsang:
>> Everything else is working pretty flawlesly. Can we agree on that?
>> This is bad but not unfixable.
> Flawlessly? I'm sorry but we can't agree on that. Those are easily the most
> serious bugs - but there are a lot of smaller irritations - and though I'm
> not a developer or a genius I'm a pretty experienced SUSE user I think -
> what's irritating to me will be completely unacceptable and incomprehensible
> to most noobs.
> Here's a quick list of issues that bother me - some of which have already been
> fed to bugzilla in beta-state.
> * there are serious problems with: right click on rpm > Open with Software
> Installer / actions > Install package with YaST
> * you can't add a simple directory containing rpms as a source to yast - which
> was never a problem before
> * YaST gives no information when it's downloading or refreshing repodata
> making inexperienced users think it's frozen. For inspiration on how to
> handle this I would look at the smart -gui which tells you what's downloaded,
> how much, from where, at what speed etc.
> * The issue with repos not being digitally signed. The warning message keeps
> popping up - no matter how many times you tell it "don't show this message
> agian".
> * Maybe this one is me being stupid - but if you have services added, but not
> subscribed to - it seems to me that zen/rug still parses metadata for those.
> And I've even had rug ask me for a cd when the cd catalog was unsubscribed
> and factory added and subscribed to (it was during betas, but it's not fixed
> yet). I thought that added / subscribed-unsubscribed were the equivalents to
> added/activated-deactivated in yast - but that's not the case apparently.
> * Also you can't seem to have more instances of packagemanagement running -
> don't know if this is intentional, and has to be this way. But it certainly
> was no problem to have "installation souces" and "software management" open
> at the same time in earlier releases, for example.
> * If you add sources to yast they're automatically added to zen/rug - but this
> doesn't work the other way around.
> I don't know what the long term strategy is - but if yast sw and zen are
> supposed to coexist in the long run I'd like some kind of central
> repo-management module in which you could add, remove, deactivate, refresh
> etc. all the repos, with selections for all frontends.

Point is: in an open source world one takes the best solution available,
e.g. for package management (and there are a few out there). Or you
think you can develop a better one then you go for it. BUT always in
mind to produce a solution for the community, not for a single vendor.
So: the source is open, but not the mind. It just looks open source.


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