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Re: [opensuse-factory] Bug 177758
  • From: Frank-Michael Fischer <fmfischer@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 10:29:45 +0200
  • Message-id: <4472C7F9.5080809@xxxxxxx>
jdd wrote:
> Frank-Michael Fischer wrote:
>> It blocks my three 10.1 systems always at bootup and never for less than
>> 20 minutes. These are all installations from scratch.
> note that thousand of SUSE Linux 10.1 users _don't_ have this problem.
> so may be you could try to understant what goes wrong, as it may be
> possible than one of your prefered setup may just conflict with the
> default settings.
> I think if the problem was as hard as you say for anybody, we should
> already know. so why flame?
> please, slowdown and try to find the real problem.
> jdd
With 9.3 I was the first reporting (bug 74585) the problem that ext3 and
reiserfs mounted on "/" showed on all machines a 50-80% disk performance
loss, unless mounted with "noatime", which is not the default. It took
developers and maintainers several weeks, up to two months, to recognize
this as a general problem, not a bug specific to my installation. And I
got nastier comments than yours about claiming it must be a general
problem. Later on a kernel fix came through you and the bug was fixed.
So: I am well trained in taking comments like yours.

Did you have a look at your systems load for the first 10 to 30 minutes
after booting? And this with the default sw setup? It would be more
constructive to give us (or bugzilla) some real numbers showing that
your default sw installation setup does not have the bug.

And I found the real problem: it's the way libzypp is architected and
implemented. Now what?


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