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Re: [opensuse-factory] Adding *.sel to an installation source
On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 05:56:30PM +0200, Lars Rupp wrote:
> Hi

Your quoting is very hard to read. Please use the standard > for it. I am
now just guessing what is a quote and what is a new line.

> Next I added the line Personal-10.1-63.noarch.sel to
> suse/setup/descr/selections
> simpler (-: ls *.sel > suse/setup/descr/selections

Yeah, well, as long as it does nothing strange. ;-)

> Add: create a new MD5SUMS file!

That is done as well.

> However when I edit suse/setup/descr/selections I get the `no catalog
> found at ...` error, so I suppose it needs to be signed somewhere.
> However
> the only two *.key files are re-signed, so what am I missing?
> - Add a new line to the content file (sha1sum...)


> - copy your own gpg-key to /gpg-pubkey-*-*.asc

Mine is gpg-pubkey-*.asc and that does not give a problem if I don't edit
suse/setup/descr/selections so I asume 'Check'

> - add this key to the content file (line beginns with KEY SHA1...)


> - rm content.asc content.key media.1/products.key media.1/products.asc


> - create a new media.1/products and content file (like "houghis special
> 10.1 version"


> - sign the content and the media.1/products file with your gpg key


> - cp your /gpg-pubkey-*-*.asc to media.1/products.key content.key


> Hoperfully I don't forget something...

That is what I thought as well.

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