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Re: [opensuse-factory] sudo and makeSUSEdvd [Was: makeSUSEdvd error]
On Tue, May 09, 2006 at 03:18:14AM +0200, Carlos E. R. wrote:
> > grep sudo makeSUSEdvd
> > mount does the following. It mounts each iso file to a specific directory.
> > Each iso and each directory will be different from user to user and even
> > from one time to the other.
> Ouch. Complicated.

Perhaps for sudo, but normal for the script. Just look at all the
different SUSE and SLES names for each and every CD and DVD.
Next the person can choose where to mount to.

> > Then there is also umount, cpio, echo, rm and yast.
> umount is similar to mount. Unless you can manage it in the same way as
> 'mc' does it :-?

I was looking into doing it like mc does, but now that other thiongs need
root, it becomes obsolete.

> cpio as root? Curious! Unless the files belong to him :-?

Without it, it does not work.

> rm...
> echo as root?

Yes, I use it in the beginning as a test. If you know the password you
pass, if not, you don't. In the beginning of the script there was a lot
that was done before the actual mounting. Best to cut it as soon as

> yast - instead a request to the user to install something (I personally
> prefer that).

Well, obviously it asks wether or not you want to run YaST. It is just a
small extra to install stuff that is not available. I probably must also
add a create_package_descr version checker to see that the correct version
is used. Unfortuatly the people at SUSE have not put in the verson number
or another easy way of finding out if -C is available.

That means it will be something like: `grep do_checksums
/usr/bin/create_package_descr` and then see if you get feedback or not and
if not, trell that you need to install a newer version.

> You have made quite a complex script :-)

Blame SUSE. They made a complex distribution. ;-)

> > Either that or a `chown`. Not sure wich one I might use.
> Dropping privileges is safer.

So `su user` it will become.

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