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Re: [opensuse-factory] makeSUSEdvd error
On Wed, May 03, 2006 at 02:51:01PM +0200, Christian Boltz wrote:
> Maybe this is because your media doesn't contain a checksum? (This is a
> wild guess - I didn't check your script and also don't know if YaST
> behaves this way.)

No, it does not.

> /usr/share/doc/packages/checkmedia/README explains how the check works
> and how to add the checksum - maybe this is a nice feature for your
> script, too ;-)

OK, I did `tagmedia --check --md5 SUSE-10.1-0-DVD.iso` and now indeed I
get the Media check. I then get that the md5sum is wrong.

Here is the results:
houghi@penne : tagmedia --check --md5 SUSE-10.1-0-DVD.iso

<snip a lot from y2log>
2006-05-03 13:47:22 <1> linux(2393) [YCP] clients/inst_checkmedia.ycp:73
Parsed application area: $["check":"1",

<snip a LOT from y2log>
2006-05-03 13:48:26 <1> linux(2393) [YCP] checkmedia/ui.ycp:110 Expected
MD5 of the medium: e1e90689c1c4908dd7c27695520c9ab9

2006-05-03 13:48:26 <1> linux(2393) [YCP] checkmedia/ui.ycp:126 Translated
info: ["Result: md5sum wrong"]

Why does YaST think that the MD5SUM must be e1...b9 while tagmedia makes
it 6e...92 ?

Also will this have any influence on the checks later? I doubt so, but one
can never be too sure

So next I removed the md5sum and did: tagmedia --add-tag \
md5sum=e1e90689c1c4908dd7c27695520c9ab9 SUSE-10.1-0-DVD.iso

It then is looking for another MD5SUM

So what is the exact command that I need to run and does it have influence
on all the signing problems?

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