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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: [opensuse-announce] WARNING about FACTORY ftp installations
  • From: Azerion <azerion@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 22:37:53 +0100
  • Message-id: <200602192237.53323.azerion@xxxxxxxxx>
> - Konversation (IRC-client) is installed by default with KDE-installation,
> a small thing - but real nice nonetheless (though I wonder why it's 0.18
> and not 0.19)

That is really nice since Konversation is the most noob-friendly and clean
IRC-client of them all. Switched to Xchat a few days ago bot Konversation is
nice too :D

> - I also really like that you can specify URLs for installation sources in
> the GUI - in stead of having to enter protocol, server name, directory -
> this makes life a lot easier both for users - and for those of us who take
> the time to help noobs.

That was a wish I came up with some day ago only did not posted it yet. Never
understood why you have to say it was an FTP while in front of it there was
the part ftp:// (maybe some http that could be FTP and the other way around,
and could someone explain what the different is and why that is?)

> - I liked that you're offered to enter hostname during installation

Same thing, hangs with the point above I guess. One and the same thing.
> - I'm looking forward to learning more about Rug - and generally for the
> package manager to be more usable..

We all, at the moment I know one thing of it: not usable yet :P

> Plus I also like a lot of the things that appeared in earlier betas -
> beagle/kerry, possibility to test screen-settings with sax2 during the
> installation, networkmanager..

Could someone confirm the problem of Sax2 resetting the display-resolution
while you only changed mouse-settings? If so I will check bugzilla for it
(lazy boy) and if not listed will report.

> This truly does look promising. My thanks and appreciation to everybody at
> SuSE working on 10.1 - and everybody who's posted bugs or wishes/feature
> requests.

Now I see, you are taking MY point cb200f! Shall I take the logs?! Nasty
boy :D. Anyway nice that you pock up the points in IRC and make them usefull,
nice work!


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