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Re: [opensuse-factory-mozilla] Re: Fwd: Re: Security issues: How do users, maintainers and developers work together? Second Example: Thunderbird 3.0.6, Firefox 3.6.8
  • From: "pistazienfresser" <pistazienfresser@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 13:52:19 +0200
  • Message-id: <20100915115219.185370@xxxxxxx>

-------- Original-Nachricht --------
Datum: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 12:11:03 +0200
Von: Wolfgang Rosenauer <wolfgang@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
An: opensuse-factory-mozilla@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: Re: [opensuse-factory-mozilla] Re: Fwd: Re: Security issues: How do
users, maintainers and developers work together? Second Example: Thunderbird
3.0.6, Firefox 3.6.8

Am 15.09.2010 12:01, schrieb pistazienfresser:

Yesterday (after that - later on that day) I had problems and today as
my system was running again I reported that.

Ok, you have grub issues. Not my topic actually ;-)
I doubt that that were grub issues initially - my system froze while surfing
while running Firefox and Thunderbird under GNOME - I (with my limited
knowledge on informatics) think the GRUB2 was not used on that time. But maybe
it was a problem with my kernel - only I had not been having problems like that
before the Mozilla updates.
But are there any issues left with Firefox and Thunderbird for you?

Your way of answering leads back to my initial general question (compare
the subject line) and so back to an other place (forums, security
mailing-list, project mailing-list) or just to do nothing at all.

Is something wrong with my way of answering?
I got a bit the impression you felt personally injured. E.g. I never wrote
"unstable" - but maybe I should have written "longer tested" instead of "stable"
(and the question if I personally would have more likely a package not so
tested but with a (somewhere else documented) potential security lack - that is
just an other thing...)

And the things about the right place was just meant like they were written -
not with any hidden critic or non-literal meaning.

Anyway, is there anything left about collaboration between users,
maintainers and developers in the mozilla space?
As you are asking:
seems to me crying for help with all the (dead) read links.
has not much information at all.
has also only a red link with
"How to report a Mozilla / Firefox bug".

I think there may be something in the old wiki.

Maybe there could be also a in any ******* namespace of this new wiki a
(linked) mention how a stupid-on-informatics user like me to give something of
information back if someone is using a (relative) stable package that is not
from the main repositories and not using factory (but e. g. 11.2 as me).
Do you feel that something is missing in how we work together?
Initially I did not want to criticize anything special on Mozilla or even on
the Mozilla repository. I just asked a general question with more special
examples and got only answers with redirects according to the special examples.
So I thought there would be a solid way of working together on versions not
already in the main repositories and I would just not be clever enough to see

In addition to the points mentioned in the forums was wandering why there is
only a security letter published if the mentioned problem is solved and how a
user (or even a stupid as I am forums moderator) should know if a security
issue is already known to a/the maintainers of a/the different repositories.
The only thing I need to admit is that I don't read the openSUSE forums
usually. I cannot monitor everything so if something is discussed there
I'm out which is not very nice but as said above...
I do not think you would be able to maintain the repository/ies if you would
spend your time in active scanning the forums (via HTTP or NNTP) and the ca.
80-100 different mailing groups for potential bugs/difficulties with the
maintained programs.


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