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[opensuse-es] Re: [opensuse] Re: Why am I getting 14.6G zypper.log files?
  • From: Angel Alvarez <clist@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 21:30:59 +0200
  • Message-id: <200904062130.59360.clist@xxxxxx>
Tienes toda la razón del mundo

Si yo tuviera todos esos problemas me plantearia cambiar de distro y todo...

Es para estar enfadado.

No creo que los usuarios de pago de SLED reporten bugs (salvo que les sea muy
sin embargo de tanto en tanto todos los usuarios de OpenSUSE hemos puesto
nuestro granito de arena...

En fin seguiré leyendo este hilo a ver en que queda (es que tengo muchos
mensajes de opensuse atrasados :-P)

Dales Caña!!


El Miércoles, 1 de Abril de 2009 Carlos E. R. escribió:

On Wednesday, 2009-04-01 at 04:23 -0000, Jim Henderson wrote:


As a user of openSUSE, I accept that an update might break things for
me. I hope it doesn't. But even more than that, I hope that when
something's broken, I can get it fixed through 'official' channels, and
if that fix breaks something else, I accept the responsibility to report
that it caused a problem, what the problem is, and to provide as much
detailed information as I can to get the problem fixed. If I was a hard-
core coder, I'd probably contribute patches myself, but I generally don't
trust my coding enough to do that.

So instead I offer whatever I can to the developers who do write the
fixes so they can fix the problems. That's my contribution to the
process, and honestly I wish more users of openSUSE would take my
approach rather than just "yell and forget about it" when they run into a
problem. As a user of the product, I'm a member of the community and I
want to give back in any way I am able to. That's how we make a better
product, right?

I have to agree with all you have said... :-)

I'd like this post to go to the project list, where the right audience
is, but I leave that to you.

Yes, I agree that big issues should be "repaired" on the same distro
version, but I don't know if there are enough resources for that.
Currently we have to wait for the next release to solve that, which
usually means that a new set of bugs will be "released" too. At the end,
we just have to choose which set of bugs we can live with, and choose the
corresponding suse release.

Currently, I'm staying with 11.0 because there are bugs in 11.1 that
impede me upgrading. The main one was that beagle exercised some
functionality in reiserfs that was broken and caused the kernel to crash.
This has been repaired with the last kernel update, but alas! now my
machine does not fully suspend to disk because it doesn't power off at the
last moment - and as this feature is part of my work routine, I can't live
without it, so, --> no upgrade.

At the same time, there are features in 11.0 that are broken: for
instance, writing to an external HD via USB, formatted as reiserfs, is
badly broken, which means that I have to boot 10.3 or 11.1 to do my
saving. Or, another is that mounting LUKS encrypted, reiserfs formatted,
read-only media (DVD) is broken because the kernel tries to _write_ on
the dvd. Another one that is broken, is that writing big files to an XFS,
encrypted, filesystem crashes the system.

I consider all those big issues... but I have no hope of seeing any of
them solved soon. Not in 11.0, perhaps not even in 11.1. Those things have
been appearing over the last 2 years, they are slowly deteriorating. I
expect things that work to keep working... but it is not the case, things
are breaking and they are not solved.

Effort seem to concentrate on highly visible features, like kde4.

Carlos E. R.

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