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Re: [opensuse-es] Linus hablando... y KDE respondiendo
  • From: "Carlos E. R." <robin.listas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 14:50:32 +0100 (CET)
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El 2009-01-29 a las 12:12 -0000, Alberto Vicat escribió:

In that article, Linus said he got burned by his distro updating him to
4.0. I have to admit that it's really hard to stay positive about the
efforts of downstreams when they wander around feeling they should be
above reproach while simultaneously hurting our (theirs and ours) users
in a rush to be more bad ass bleeding edge than any other cool dude
distro in town. I hope this time instead of handing out spankings, the
distros can sit back and think about things and try and figure out how
they played an unfortunate part in the 4.0 fiasco.

Que Linus resultó quemado porque su distribución le hizo el cambio al 4.0. Aaron le echa las culpas a las distribuciones. Que deben meditar lo que han hecho.

The real Kings of Disappointment, however, are the community press who
sensationalized the article and raise the choice of one person above
the result it's having for all. This, by the way, is why I keep my own
choices in software fairly quiet. While certainly nowhere near the same
level as Linus in the community, I know just how untrustworthy the
community press can be. The behavior they display on a regular basis
means we have to treat them all with kid gloves for fear of collateral
damage to others.

Pero que lo peor ha sido la prensa, y que en el futuro hay que tratarlos con guantes. Y se queja precisamente de que saquen una noticia sensacionalista sobre el 4.0 cuando está a punto de salir el 4.2:

Here the collateral damage will be fear of innovation. "Don't do
anything too big, because it'll cost you and cost you ..." is the
lesson some are taking away from all this. Fear is a killer. It's also
something that tempers unreasonable risk taking, but it can also
prevent healthy risks from being taken. Trotting out a sensationalized
story about 4.0 when we're about to release 4.2 is going to have
exactly that effect unless we are conscious of this.

Y predice que cuando Linus vuelva a KDE, que no lo publicarán:

I will make another small prediction: there won't be a single follow up
story on this if Linus does install KDE 4 in the future. After the
damage is done, the community press has a way of just "moving on".
There is very little long term commitment to full stories; instead
there is rife sensationalism. It's more fun and interesting, after all,
and besides who cares about our future?

Y posiblemente tenga razón. O lo usarán para decir que gnome vuelve a ser una caca.

- -- Saludos
Carlos E.R.
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