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is mandrake or redhat service as bad as suse ? Or is simply Bill Gates the only one ?
Hi !

Her is the question :
Might the philisophy be first, when non-vital, -like the debat windows-linux-, before the quality of life, even at the expense of hours, days and night of somebody's life ?

That's indeed what occurred to me with the damned ADSL USB external modem configuration for Alcatel SpeedTouch.

Very nicely SuSE included a module for it in in it's source kernel rpm 2.4.16 .

But, .... of course, they did'nt include the modules for PPPoE ADSL (like in Spain), but just only the Alcatel module which is necessary in Germany, Belgium, France,...where the system is PPPoA (it depends on countries and providers).

But PPPoE needs another module to be patched. If You look around for howto's with a good search engine like, You find the HOWTO's.

In fact two howto's : one by Johan Verrept with a PPPoE section, one by Pedro Silva Ramos ,... More or less, after various nights working on it, You configure it and Your USB ADSL modem responds with the correct blinking sequence at boot up. But, ... as You pointed out, those two guys did'nt explain what is, where comes from, nas0 which has to be waken up by "ifconfig nas0 up".

You Email them, ....nuts
You EMail to a hungary men (br2684 patch) and to a polish one (pppoed module), they answer to You kindly with suggestions but don't really know what is on because of it is not their part of the job.

Mailing lists : nuts . It is indeed something very special : most who use SpeedTouch are with PPPoA : in Spain SpeedTouch is not commercialized, and here the linuxers work thru ethernet cards,....

You try to call the english SuSE's 906 telephonic paying service : not available from Spain,.... (in fact, none is available from abroad).

feedback@xxxxxxx is also useless : nuts.

You call the normal support service asking them for a paying solution : the answer is very kindly and piltely pronunciated but is equal to nuts !

Oh, yeah ! You got the solution of paying for one year professionnal support ! Great !! Just for the final configuration of the ADSL !

You know, just with a simple windows 98, - or XP of course -, I wd be out of the problems.

I would indeed forget abt the non-vital idealistic linux, but could spend my time on more important things, probably things which will be more effective against the actual monopolistic tendencies of the globalization than spending days and night trying to configure a stupid ADSL link under linux,, while under windows 98, it takes just 10minutes !!!!!

Of course, if I wd see an interest from the hand of those who earn their daily bread thru linux, but, .... not even paying,....

I thinkI have been stupid,... and the poor 130euros which cost Windows XP is much less than my universitary economist's time's cost,....

Bye to all,
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