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Re: [opensuse-edu] Today Meeting
  • From: Lars Vogdt <lrupp@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 14:30:57 +0100
  • Message-id: <200903241430.57755.lrupp@xxxxxxx>
Hi @ll

I'm sorry, but currently it looks like I couldn't attend the whole
meeting - perhaps at the end, depending on an important previous

Nevertheless, here's the list of my items for

== 1 Status of openSUSE-Education 1.0 ==
see below
== 2 Branding status ==
Nothing from my side. I'm interested to hear some success stories... :-)
== 3 My old action items ==
see below


== 1 Status of openSUSE-Education 1.0 ==
waits for testers.

Please have a look at the following interesting parts/packages and tell
me if anything is still wrong there, so I can fix it as soon as

* patterns should be preselected/installed now

* an Online Update Channel (openSUSE-Education Updates) should be added
to your "Software-Repositories" (disabled and currently empty)

* Package upgrades because of bugfixes in our bugzilla:

* Additional package upgrades/fixes:
avogadro (upgrade)
fbreader (upgrade)
fet (upgrade, now with desktop entry)
gambas2 (upgrade, packaging bug fixed)
gcalctool (upgrade)
ghemical (upgrade)
gnome-chemistry-utils (upgrade)
gramps3 (upgrade)
italc (italc-launcher bug fixed)
kiwi-desc-ltsp (upgrade)
kiwi-ltsp-bootimages (upgrade)
kiwi-ltsp-prebuilt (upgrade)
koha (upgrade)
lapack (upgrade)
ibatlas3 (upgrade)
ltsp-server (upgrade)
moodle (package bugfixes)
mopac7 (upgrade)
marble (upgrade)
stellarium (upgrade)
tuxmath (upgrade)
tuxtype (upgrade)
wine (upgrade)

* New packages
cademia 1
controlaula 2
gbrainy 1
iTest-client 1
iTest-server 1
inotify-tools 2
ltsp-controlaula 2
openadmin 2
opendict 1
opensuse-education-tools 1
scilab (see bugfix ;-) 1
stopmotion 1
tablix2 1

1=should IMO be tested and included in the final release
2=should IMO be tested - but not included in the final release as it
needs more work

^^ as you can see - our packagers are very hard-working to bring you the
best packages ever. Now we have to see if everything works as
expected - YOUR turn! ;-) is waiting for bugreports.
Currently, we've just 2 open bugreports (one of them should be fixed
upstream) for 11.1.

Open Questions for the Meeting:
* The list of additional package upgrades is long - should we include
them nevertheless?
* New packages - include them, just some of them?
* Final decision what to do


== 3 My old action items ==

1) Provide a list of applications for a new pattern|group "scientists".
Initial science pattern is in SVN now. (Awaiting translation ;-)

2) Split of the Development page into pieces and move them to our
Developer Wiki.
Please have a look:

3) write documentation about the openSUSE-Education Update repository
for normal users and (School-)Admins
Initialy done:

IMO Missing/Next ToDo: write a HowTo about mirroring the
openSUSE-Education repositories

4) create new openSUSE-Education in the Press page
Enhancements welcome!


With kind regards,
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