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Re: [suse-linux-uk-schools] Linux in HE-FE
  • From: Ian Lynch <ian.lynch@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 18:36:31 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <1128364658.23948.57.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Mon, 2005-10-03 at 16:53 +0100, Thomas Adam wrote:

> Most people on this list do. :) I myself do not -- indeed, it has
> been a long time since I have done any work with Linux and education.
> > particularly interested in whether you have encountered problems when
> > asked to support educational solutions be they installables or
> > web-based
> > resources (such as Learndirect courses)?
> I have heard of a lot of problems, yes. It basically boils down to a
> lack of understanding by the CC (or LEA, or whomever it is that
> ultimately overseas such decisions about how computers are to be used
> in education) as to the benefits that FOSS can bring. Thankfully, this
> is changing, and more and more awareness of it is introduced, but it is
> far from perfect. Essentially, no one adapts well to change, or to the
> unknown.

Its worth bearing in mind that we have direct contact with BECTA and the
DfES through SchoolforgeUK and Open Source Consortium. While this is so
far more focussed on schools there is no real reason why it should not
apply to FE and HE. In terms of migration strategies etc Open Source
Consortium is probably better placed than BCS in giving advice on use of
FLOSS in existing environments. Indeed many members of OSC are also BCS

> Any way you can, basically. You push and push, and push. At some
> point (by Christmas? Hell, maybe hell will freeze over first) the
> computers here will use VMWare to allow Linux access. This has been a
> tremendous effort by a number of people --- essentially though, what
> had to happen, was to get the support of people from the BCS (and other
> parties) so that the LEA took such a suggestion seriously. I know it
> seems stupid, but there's _a lot_ of red tape surrounding all of this.

Since I'm the official point of conatct between BECTA and the Open
Source community, I'm quite willing to talk to any LEA that requires
some official basis for considering these issues.


Ian Lynch <ian.lynch@xxxxxxxx>

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