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Re: [suse-linux-uk-schools] Denford

For what it's worth....

We looked and Denford and Boxford - I asked both if they provide a Linux
interface, neither did and little interest. We went with Boxford in the end
as the Denford was (thinks of nice word) not very good spelt with a 'C' -
and they were uninterested in getting better results.

As said elsewhere - driving it should be simple assuming that you have the
CNC codes. Be Very Very carefull, my experience of (early) CNC (milling
machines) has been that if you are creating your own codes you can destroy a
lot of machine in a very sort time! :-)

For the record it wasn't me! I was brought in after :)

Best of luck.


> Hi:
> Has anyone managed to get Linux to control a Denford router or know
> about this?
> Paul
> --
> Sizofik a Ninila' Siyakhona?

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