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RE: [suse-linux-uk-schools] Network migration starting with squid.. help
  • From: "Alan Loughlin" <loughlina@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 07:45:18 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <200505110744.j4B7irl25611@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>"Good" in what terms? Good for the dog? The cat? You'll have to specify
what you mean >by "good".

How much further can I break one word down? By saying good, it means
everyone's own interpretation of there word coupled with their own

>Oh? You'd have to be more specific as to which parts are constantly
>authentication. I'm sure it can be fixed.

Internet explorer constantly prompts a logon box everytime you open it. If
you look at censornet forums and try it out you'll see. Censornet/Adelix
have stated they have no current release date for this to be fixed. Due to
the need IE has for persistent connections I think.

>"Lock down"? What do you mean by that? Hmm, let's see. There's no such
thing as "the"
>desktop environment -- there's a whole plethora [1] of them.

Again, open to interpretation, im not asking for an English or IT lesson, I
said it in that manner to get other peoples opinions based on their
experience and preferences. If someone uses KDE, that’s their desktop
environment so by saying "the" it personalises the sentence to the reader.
Your again trying to pick on the way I have said something rather than
respond in a informative way. How does these comments like this help me?
They don’t.

>Since we don't know which distro nor which desktop manager you'll be using,
>specific information will be sketchy at best.

>>My main question is what Linux distro shall I go for and what caching and
>>solution will do what isa and surfcontrol do?

This was my main question, im asking for distro opinions based on everyone's
personal experience, I don't know what distro to choose, that’s one reason
why im posting.

I appreciate that your response didn't just include snidey comments, but I
will not accept people speaking to me in this way.

Thank you for everyone else's replies.

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