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Re: [suse-linux-uk-schools] linux for school
Along with the websites everyone else has suggested a couple of my own
reccomendations: for a school focussed look at all aspects. <- Superb forums here for whenever you get stuck, or
have general queries <- Again, good forums here, and also download links to
various Distro ISOs.

As far as training, there are a couple of professional qualifications available at the
moment. If you end up down the SuSE route the best bet is Novells Certified Linux
Engineer. There is also a Red Hat version Red Hat Certfied Engineer, but that's a
little too Red Hat oriented apparently. Probably the best bet as far as non-distro
biased is the Linux Professional Institue Certification:

Try and encourage your geeks.. sorry IT people, to salvage an old box and get them
to install Suse or Red Hat on it (easiest two to install). I've learnt a heck of a lot
about Linux in the past couple of months, mainly because I've been interested in it as
an alternative, and my work place also started getting interested in it as a backbone.

On 16 Jun 2004 at 21:52, garry saddington wrote:

> On Wednesday 16 June 2004 9:18 pm, Dermot Mc Laughlin wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Please advise...
> >
> > Im a PGCE student of ICT and as my major assignment I
> > have chosen to investigate the possibility of
> > embracing opensource software in the school
> > environment. To this end, a few months ago I wiped out
> > windows and replaced it with super slick SuSE and
> > never looked back!
> >
> > I just thought that this mailing list might be a good
> > place to bounce ideas off people. I've done all the
> > research regarding opensource software replacements
> > for current software + checking out Wine compatibility
> > for departments who are in love with their current
> > packages -- all this has gone very favourably.
> >
> > Now im looking at the really important part (as far as
> > management is concerned), Costing!! Here I have hit an
> > impass! There are so many solutions and distro's
> > around.
> >
> > After initial research looks
> > very interesting -- it would certainly be a good way
> > of implementing Linux one step/room at a time. Also
> > looks like old hw could be used to create new computer
> > suites at little extra expense.
> >
> > I know this is a SuSE mailing list, so im presuming
> > that there will be a degree of bias, but thats fair
> > enough because im a bit biased towards it too. Yast
> > has seen me through a lot already, and im a bit loathe
> > to leave it.
> >
> > The school that im compiling this report for has 474
> > Windows workstations, does anyone have experience of
> > Linux administration, implementation on this scale? If
> > so can you give me an idea of annual costs? Have you
> > used SuSE for this? What OS is being used for your
> > servers?
> >
> > One last thing, most school technicians I have met
> > thus far have little to no experience or knowledge of
> > Linux; I also consider myself to be a newcomer to this
> > field, could anyone direct me to a training course
> > suited to Linux school network administration.
> >
> > I know that all of the above is a big ask, I will be
> > gratefull for any pearls of wisdom.
> >
> > Regards
> > Dermot Mc Laughlin
> > dermot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >
> Have a look at It will be updated in the near future, but
> there is a costings exercise there. We use SuSE with LTSP by the way. You do
> not need to leave Yast behind and it is getting better especially now it's
> GPLed.
> regards
> garry
> >
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