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Re: [suse-linux-uk-schools] Take up?
  • From: Richard Rothwell <raroth42@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 11:40:39 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <20040513110814.47379.qmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> It is a sorry thing to say, but many schools are
> only just beginning to
> use it server-side. Even many universities are not
> even using Linux (or
> dual-booting) for computing students.

Well, there are quite a few schools using Linux in
various contexts - it is difficult to say how many -
as some are in isolation.

Here at Handsworth Grammar we are migrating to Linux
across the whole of the computing department infact we
have only one M$ suite left :-) I know of a few other
places that are looking at and doing similar things.

Schoolforge UK has been set up to co-ordinate and
group schools using Free Libre and Open Source
Solutions - and we expect that within the next few
months we will be able to produce a more definative
list of schools using FLOSS and at what levels. I
will be talking to the ACITT conference in July and
hope to get some response and pull together the
various diverse examples of use!

On a separate issue, Schoolforge is aware of the
database 'gap' and are involved in a consortium
planning to commision a substantial database solution
to sit alongside OO.o v2.

Richard Rothwell
Chair Schoolforge UK

PS At Handsworth we use LTSP with modern spec home PCs
as servers and anything we can find as thin-clients.

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