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Automatic Updates
I have been using Red Hat Linux (8.0) on a server in a prep school and
had been using the Red Hat Network to keep it up to date security wise

Now I find out that Red Hat are discontinuing support and updates for
the basic Red Hat Linux (8.0 end of December and 9.0 end of April) I
am having to look for another distribution :(

Basically, does anybody have any experience with
SUSE/Mandrake/Debian/any other suitable distro of automating
updates - I guess I could write a script to download them from an ftp
and run them etc etc - I was just wondering if anybody knows if any
other distro has updates integrated.

This is important because I am not at this school much so if it isn't
done unattended automatically then most of the time it won't get done
(as the machine is currently just providing the firewall and web services
so is basically left to run) which is obviously quite a security risk :| .

Thanks in advance,
Alex Brett

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