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Re[2]: [suse-linux-uk-schools] Microsoft and Exam Boards and the OFT
  • From: John Steventon <John.Steventon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 16:36:45 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <ECOWS03MXikAsaJrqLd00095268@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Matt,

> Some of the Open University courses have this approach too depending or not on
> whether they allow electronic assignment submission

Depends on the OU course and it's age - not just an e-assignment issue
as far as I'm aware. The basic online applications disc supplied to
students is beginning to feature either OOo or Star office (not had the
latest yet so can't confirm personally), and there are courses which
allow HTML or RTF work to be submitted via the e-assignments route. So
becoming less MS specific.

There is even a Linux client version of their favoured groupware product
out now, which I think they helped push for.

Some courses are based on use of Netscape rather than IE browsers, etc.

I'm aware of a course at the moment being piloted which is making
efforts to be OS friendly via Java, etc. and even the course website etc
are open source via Linux, Apache, Tomcat etc.

Older courses do tend to say MS Word Doc format - but a doc version old
enough that I understand most open source or Linux friendly wp's will
output in.

There is a lot of movement in such things behind the scenes, but the OU
can be ponderous at times. As new courses appear, and old ones get
updated I think things in this area will improve a lot though I expect
that until all apps that a Uni might use are available on all platforms,
there will always be difficult choices and restrictions. I'm sure there
will be a tendancy to go with the more popular OS based on installs in
the student population, and ease of solving distribution and copyright
issues with third party (or OU) materials. I guess the solution is to
get all OU students to use Linux since that would create a big push for
the University to support it.

Though I have heard suggestions (vague as yet) that (soon to eventually) it
might be practical and possible for some courses to go down the Knoppix
CD live distribution type route with everything for a course (including
OS) on a bootable CD/DVD. That would make studying operating systems
easy - just run the live Cd for the OS under study at the time.


John (fellow OU student)

On Wed, 2 Jul 2003 13:49:43 +0100
Matt Williams <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > > I cannot stress to you just how annoyed I am when even now
> > > some of my lecturers at University stipulate categorically that they
> > > want our assignments in MS-Word format. It is a farce -- and to think
> > > that I am doing a degree in Software Engineering. You'd think that they'd
> > > expand your knowledge of computer OS's.
> >
> > I find this very surprising indeed. Which University do you go to?
> Some of the Open University courses have this approach too depending or not on
> whether they allow electronic assignment submission
> Matt
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