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Re: [suse-linux-uk-schools] Problem mounting floppy
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From: <s-clarob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Sounds like the drive is out of tolerance compared to the drive your
> creating the disks on, as the other poster says, try formatting a disk in
> the machine.
I wondered if this was the case (since the boot disk works) but it will not
format a disk in LINUX or windows. It sounds like it's write protected in
the BIOS, but I'm not sure that this BIOS supports this - I'll check it
It must make an attempt at formatting since I can no longer read the disk in
other machines (reports as unformatted!).
This is (hopefully) academic as I intend changing the drive during lunch,
however I may then not be able to boot the machine as my boot disk may not
be read if it's a misalignment problem! Doh!

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From: Mark Evans <mpe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> As another poster said you won't be able to mount the boot
> disk, so no point even trying.
Indeed, I noted that thanks, and had found it to be the case in the past. I
was trying to reading a normal dos formatted disk(s), I was asking questions
about the boot disk because that still works and wondered why (points to
misalignment but the inability to format does not bear this out unless the
misalignment has become too severe).

Kind regards

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