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RE: [suse-linux-uk-schools] WINE is all we need...
  • From: "Grahame Leon-Smith at Free Computers" <grahame.leon-smith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 13:28:40 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi all

I agree with Ian. The answer is to persuade the people producing
educational software to produce a Linux version as well as Windows, but this
is a chicken and egg situation in that as far as the producers are concerned
there are not enough schools using Linux to justify the cost of producing a
Linux version.

What we need is a database of schools using Linux both to persuade people
that there is a market out there, and also to be able to find schools who
would be willing to trial new (Linux) products.

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From: Ian Lynch [mailto:ian.lynch2@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 30 September 2002 19:32
To: John Ralph; Chris Puttick; suse-linux-uk-schools@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [suse-linux-uk-schools] WINE is all we need...

On Monday 30 September 2002 19:09, John Ralph wrote:
> As and active advocate of open source software in schools I have to
> question the reasoning behind the desire to run WINE at all, surely the
> ideal in an educational environment is to provide usable, cost effective
> and reliable software on the desktop.

er yes, but you have to provide what teachers want to use and some of them
want things that are not covered by OSS. In principle, running on Wine on
Linux is a step up from running on Windows OSSwise and without such stepping
stones the ideal of all OSS is pretty much never going to happen.

> WINE allows you to run Windows application under Linux/Unix, so what? You
> still have to pay for licensing for those applications, it's less reliable
> that running those applications on their native platform and have you
> to get Micro$oft to support there support their software when running it
> another O/S, no I didn't think so :-)

So maybe its better to use say Windows 95 locally to run all those
things that only run on Windows - let's face it how much education software
needs 2000/XP to run? - and run generl productivity software such as office
etc as thin client using Linux. That way you use low cost MS stuff and don't
have to buy any more but provide a possible way of getting from a to b. ie
there are immediate savings but also long term savings without having to
sacrifice any significant functionality.

> Surely we should be putting our combined efforts into
> finding/supporting/developing applications which are good solid open
> replacements for Microsoft Office et al.

Open Office does that, what is needed is the gaps filled not yet another WP.
A simple data base like Pinpoint that originated on the old Acorn machines
would be a good idea. I am at the moment trying to get specialist computing
schools to put at least some effort into getting their best programmers to
contribute to open source projects and a language specialist school to help
with document translation. I have two very keen ones so far but this is
to take time. Imagine say 100 secondary schools contributing their 2
brightest A level computer programmers to OS projects. I believe it would
make an impact especially if then replicated in other countries.

> I agree with you that we should
> be assisting the developers and providing central support for open source
> products, but lets ensure that we choose the correct people to support.

Main snag I see is the fragmented nature of the OS world. Chris is in a CLC,
John is in a CLC, East HUll CLC has a 120 station thin client Liux network,
why not get a CLC group supporting OSS? CLCs are supposed to be innovating
cutting edge technology for the benefit of the rest of the system. OSS
certainly fits that model. Same is true of EAZ support, I have some of that
too, then get specialist schools on board. Let's use the government
initiatives. I'll help do some co-ordinating but there is just me and I have
two companies to run! I can even get some sponsorship in kind eligible for
matched funding in some cases and this has already funded some OSS.

I am sure East Hull would host a meeting of CLCs interested in the concept.
If I get two or three that are interested, I'll mailshot the rest and



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