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Re: [suse-schools-usa] We need a list charter [ was: Re: Whoa ]
  • From: Christopher Mahmood <ckm@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 00:08:40 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <20020413001018.GR9374@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
* Lance Lane (ldlane@xxxxxxxxxxx) [020412 16:35]:
> I guess then I need to ask the question:
> What was the "original intent" of SuSe when the group was established?

Cheap, I really can't recall the answer to that. I was
asked to create the list by someone further up the in organization
and, since I'm the default list owner and no one else stepped forward
to take it, I'm the owner. I would probably be subscribed anyway
just because it's something I'm interested in but know nothing

I imagine it was at the request of someone through
feedback@xxxxxxxxx I think that's how the -uk list came about.

> Is it for regular classroom teachers, school system administrators, or
> Computer teachers? Or, all of the above.

It's for whatever you guys want to make it. I've given my personal
opinion earlier today but that's just as someone who's interested in
topic, not as a SuSEman. I generally try to encourage list owners
to take an interest in their lists, answer questions, and that sort
of thing but I really don't want to dictate what this list should
be; that's best left to the people who are actually working to get
Linux into schools.

> Do we discuss using Linux in the classroom for help with curriculum
> development, hooking up servers, or the political aspect of bridging the
> digital divide with a less costly, better operating system (IMHO!)? Or all?

They all sound fine and interesting to me. As I said earlier, the
"hooking up servers" part is probably better done on the lists we
already have for that sort of thing. Things like curriculum
development can't reasonably be discussed on suse-linux-e because
1) the list is just too big. Nobody really wants to receive
200 emails per day about patching kernels and controlling their
coffee pots with Linux when they're really interested in
topic like curriculum development.

2) It will take more than a bunch of geeks with tables of
benchmark statistics and uptime figures to get Linux into
schools. If we start doing support here pretty soon we
won't have any non-technical people left.

I think it would be great if there were high school principles and
teachers and other non-technical people from academia subscribed and know, exactly what you don't find on
suse-linux-e. I don't think the support needs of a typical school
can't be handled by the general lists.



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