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Re: techies
I think Michael Brown hit the nail on the head. Certainly, for the types of
questions posed I would have great difficulty sorting them out without some
thinking time--which you don't always have; and possibly even need some
outside help (there's always someone who knows more than you principle works
well in IT ;-). That's where all sorts of problems come in with the MCSE,
CCNA, etc etc can never be really sure that the person is a well
rounded technician, and not just a good learner that has looked at some
books and passed an exam!

I think a more generalised education in computers helps more than
proprietary led courses; in other words, a good BSc in Computer Science may
be able to help with Michael's questions more than a good MCSE or CNE. But
then that was my whole weak point :-O

Thanks anyway Michael, that was a wake up call!!!

<putting CV away :-(>

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