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kde 2.2
  • From: Phil Driscoll <phil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 16:23:44 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <E15XPzm-000BIF-0W@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I've just installed kde 2.2 on my machine. It is a fantastic piece of work -
I think it's the most impressive thing I've yet seen on the platform. Things
start faster, look better, do more...

I had thought that it might be a bit tricky converting some windows users to
the Linux desktop on the grounds of differences in look and feel. No longer a
problem - you can make it look and feel the same, even to the extent of silly
toys such as fading menus etc.

Anyway - now to the interesting bit. Since startup times were faster, I
installed it on the 32Mb machine just to see what happened.

Two important things happened:

1. KDE now displays a pulsating icon on the pointer by way of an hourglass as
an application starts up so the user is less likely to try and start the
application again.

2. In spite of some serious disc thrashing, KWord starts in 10 seconds :)

I'll do some investigation as to whether I can save any memory by discarding
some unnecessary frills and toys, and report back with news of whether or not
the machine is useable under KDE. I've just experimented with getting the
startkde script to startup icewm (thanks for the suggestion Mike). I tried
this yesterday with an older KDE with no effect, however today with KDE 2.2,
I can get KWord to startup under icewm in 15 seconds - a factor of 3 speed

Phil Driscoll

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